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Feb 19, 2021
Suzette S.
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This was a present for my niece. Unfortunately it came with a LARGE UPS bill for her. I was so shocked and embarrassed!!
I contacted the seller and all I got was that they don’t know why that would be. No attempt to help and no useful info.
After many attempts to reach out to the seller again and again and again, I feel obligated to warn others.
This seller has seemingly ghosted me, leaving me with a sizeable bill after taking my money.
Never again will I purchase from her.
Yes indeed. *After* resorting to this public review to get her attention, she did indeed finally get back to me. I didn’t take her up on it though. At this point, I just want to get what I ordered and to be done.
Unfortunately that didn’t happen. The hassles and headaches continue.
And then she has the nerve to direct me to her other site, so I can give her more of my money. As if!
All I have to say is if you’re not in the US, expect unwanted surprises and poor service. This box continues to be listed here as ‘ships worldwide’, but this seller offers subpar service outside of the US. Good luck!

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CLEAN BEAUTY KIT™ said...Mar 24, 2021

I responded to you via email on 2/19 with the following message:
"I hope you are well. We will of course take care of it.
Customer service is our #1 priority but please understand I’m a one woman show, on my long overdue honeymoon right now with limited cell service in Kauai so there’s nothing I can do except send you a Venmo or PayPal for the amount of the shipment
(I can’t refund through the Cratejoy app as it’s not my service so please forgive me).
My Venmo is "cleanbeautycon” — please request the funds there and I’ll make it right. Or you can use my email to find me on PayPal.
Again, my service is spotty so it might take a day or...

Funny Business

Apr 15, 2021
Kathleen W.
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I had cancelled this box and I was sent one anyway. When I responded to their email they have not written me back with a response. This is Day 2. I cannot figure out how to contact buyer any other way than to leave this review.
If you are reading this I would not let either company have your credit card info. I cannot even contact Cratejoy.
Buyer beware is correct.

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CLEAN BEAUTY KIT™ said...Apr 20, 2021

Hi Kathleen,
We do not see that your box was cancelled, so we shipped your order.
Let me share how Cratejoy works:
1. once a subscription is started, you are billed
2. Then we are payed. And we ship the box out
From my understanding, you can't order a box Monday and cancel on Tuesday. .
I hope you get in touch with Cratejoy to resolve the issue, as we have limited items and would like to only send them to customers excited to receive the items.
We have not been able to get in touch with Cratejoy either.
Thanks and so sorry about this mixup as we are happy to refund you,
Cassandra McClure