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HORRIBLE Customer Service

Feb 04, 2021
Kelly G.
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This was a gift for my niece. I’m told the products are good, but my experience with the customer service has been horrible. I needed to update the shipping address. I did this through CJ, but it didn’t update with the seller. I’ve reached out to the seller multiple times both through CrateJoy and directly through Lashbinder, and have received NO response. They are costing me $10 for each box that they ship to the old address since I then need to take it back to the post office to forward it to the new address. This is terrible customer service. I’m glad I only signed up for 6 months and will not recommend this to anyone. Next time I’ll order through a more reputable company like BirchBox.

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CLEAN BEAUTY KIT™ said...Mar 24, 2021

Hi Kelly,
I’m sorry you were not able to get in touch. I have been on my Honeymoon the last month and just returned. We were not notified through Clean Beauty Kit or Cratejoy. We will happily pay for your rerouted box.
I’m looking into it and I don’t see what Address you are referring to that you want changed. Can you please let me know so I can Change it?
So sorry and I will talk to Cratejoy about this so they can update their system.
Stay beautiful,
Cassandra McClure


Oct 07, 2020
Kara B.
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Overall rating is poor because I have been trying to contact customer service with no reply!
Quality is poor because the quality seal on my shampoo was broken. The shampoo itself was not a clean product in my opinion. It contained some questionable ingredients like phenoxyethanol and fragrance.
Curation is a 4 because the outside of my box was dirty and banged up. The insides were fine though.

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CLEAN BEAUTY KIT™ said...Dec 04, 2020

Hi Kara,
Thank you so much for your feedback. I looked through our messages and do not see one from you. Can you email our customer support line?
Thanks for letting us know about a seal on a product. Sometimes that can happen during shipping. We are happy to ship you a replacement items ASAP.
I sincerely wish we could hand deliver the box to you so it arrives in pristine condition, but we need to mail boxes out-of- state and can't control the shipping and handling of the boxes, which is why we offer free shipping.
If you are ordering a gift you can request the box in an outer layer so the inner box is protected.
I am sorry for the issues and...