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Can we say EPIC? Supply Drops that are loaded with everything you need to SURVIVE and Protect.
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It wasn't all bad

Jan 28, 2021
Tabatha V.
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The best of the box: a flashlight & a water bottle with a filter, a metal door puller (so you don't have to touch doors in public)
The worst of the box: a silicone/rubber ruler with morse code on it, a silicone cover for an AK47 ammo clip
I got this as a gift for my hubby for his b-day. I was hoping for more useful items. Or a way to choose what kinda of things he'd be into. We don't own guns. And I mean, a tape measure is more handy than a 6" ruler.

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A review of the service, not the product

Jan 20, 2021
Lisa P.
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I REALLY want to love ClubTac! Loved the backstory, and I love supporting our military and former military. I ordered a pro box for my husband at the beginning of December, was asked over a week later to verify my address, which I did, then didn't hear back from them again. The box never showed (dang it, no Christmas present there!) so I reached out and they asked me to verify my address again, which I did.
Long story short, they said they tried multiple platforms to ship to me (I live in a US Territory, so it's USPS domestic mail and very easy to ship--ask the other subscription services, or really anyone who has lived on Guam). Not a big deal though, I understand that some companies have difficulty with shipping processes to territories. The customer service rep was really nice and kept asking for my address so I could forward it on to my husband, haha. He even offered to add in a bonus for the hassle. So that was cool! However, my husband isn't deployed, we both live together on a US Territory so it was a strange misunderstanding. I asked them to cancel my subscription since they couldn't ship to me, and they did that.
What's not cool though, and why I'm rating this 3 stars is because of the weird communication. Since cancelling, I continue to get emails as well as text...

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NOT worth it

Dec 09, 2020
Robbie W.
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Subscribed for 13 days

Ordered the "premium" box and was not at all impressed... They also tried to charge me a second time before the 1st one even shipped.

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Club Tac said...Dec 23, 2020

Hey there Robbie!
I'm sorry to hear you didn't like your box Commander! Our QA Department also got back with us and said it was not their best either, so we scrapped it. One thing we notice however was your customizations! They aren't currently selected! If you select them, it guarantees you to receive items YOU WANT! I have an idea that will make this right for you. Could you give us a call at HQ and ask to speak with Austin, the GM at 1-855-CLUBTAC
Thank you again Soldier!
At Ease,