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Explore a new US city’s culture through premium, locally made, artisan products, and food.
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was expecting alot more

Jun 25, 2020
Lauraanna Q.
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got the salt lake city utah one and it missed the mark didnt give me a want to travel to the area and the items werent very useful to me. missed the mark and just seemed overpriced for what i got.

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Stickers and Disappointment

Jan 27, 2021
Hilary W.
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We got the Brooklyn box and were very excited, until we opened it up. The chips, chocolate, and the stickers didn’t seem like novelty items—we could’ve purchased something similar in our own city. And the chocolate bar wasn’t even made in Brooklyn—the company was just owned by some people from Brooklyn. It felt like we paid a lot of money just for some coasters and seasoning. Hoping for something that feels a little more special next box.

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Explore Local Box said...Jan 27, 2021

Hilary -
We are so sorry you were disappointed in your box. We double checked with Raaka and they assure us all of the chocolate is made in their factory in Red Hook, Brooklyn. True you can get chocolate anywhere, but Raaka was founded by a couple young Brooklyn guys who discovered a type of "raw” chocolate which has to be produced in unique way and they do it all in an ethical way that benefits the local Brooklyn economy as well as the cacao farmers they buy from. The same is true for the Matzo – not usual chips or even typical Matzo! The founders had a great idea of updating traditional matzo and we thought that would be fun to try....