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Shirt size way off!

by, Jan 18, 2019

My daughter received her first box. She is 14 and wears an adult medium.... She received a kids youth extra small! Not happy at all about that!

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GeekGear said...
Feb 01, 2019
Dear Customer, we are sad to see that this review was left before any contact was made with us through our support team. Any errors made which are our fault, we always rectify straight away and without any hesitation. Normal procedure would be to let the company know, and let us fix our error which I can see from our emails is currently being carried out by our amazing support team! Thank you :)

frustrated and disappointed

by Andrada N., Dec 13, 2018

- I first subscribed in September. The box arrived on time and I liked it a lot, so I decided to keep the subscription. Unfortunately everything went downhill from there.

- I purchased the Mystery Past Box - they claim they sent it, I have no way to check with my post office because there's no tracking number provided.

- My October box still hasn't come, and it's the middle of December.

- I cancelled my subscription and made another one, in an attempt to get earlier delivery. And they proceeded to charge and send me for 2 November boxes (and it's not even that great, especially for a 'festive' box). This has me really bummed out.

I'm getting tired of how useless their website is at providing purchase info, at the fact there's no way to track your box, know when it dispatches, see a history of the months you've purchased, and at sending emails to support with no resolution whatsoever. All signs point to me unsubscribing.

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by Jenn M., Nov 30, 2018

I was excited to receive my first geek gear box, but I'm afraid I was very disappointed. The value that they claim is within each box simply isn't there. They consistently come late. I think the very worst part about geekgear is thier less than user friendly website. If you don't cancel your "one month subscription" it automatically renews. If you do cancel it, they charge you anyway. I canceled almost two months ago and have been charged twice since then. It's a huge hassle getting any feedback from the customer service. Overall extremely disappointed.

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Wrong house

by Jay, Jul 03, 2018

I got 2 boxes the first month I got my house this last box I got a Gryffindor box I was very disappointed the necklace was nice I just wish it was my house

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Where's My Box

by Cindy K., Apr 30, 2018

I cant leave a review since I STILL HAVEN'T gotten my box and today us the 30th, NO email about a tracking, and I emailed CUSTOMER SERVICE and haven't gotten a response back, but they didn't waste as my time CHARGING ME FO R NEXT MONTH ALREADY. This is my first month and I really wanted to love them, but so far NO

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sadly disappointed

by Rylie M., Dec 17, 2017

When I subscribed to geek gear i was aware I would have to wait a long time to receive my box as I live in canada. Two days until the 4 week mark it has not shown up and I’m thourougjly dissappointed. I feel if they had tacking on the package I would feel more secure in my order but at this point with no tracking I’m worried it will never come. Disappointed I won’t get thie november one until january and december in february. quite sad they don’t have a better way. still looking forward to the goodies that will be inside though

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After 1 month, no box, no refund

by Amanda P., Mar 02, 2017

I'm giving 2 stars, because they have good items BUT are very UNPROFESSIONAL. They do not provide tracking numbers, so if your box is lost, or not even sent, you will not get a refund. I have messaged the team politely and they sent only 1 message back saying I have to wait and see if it comes. I have the Wizardry boxes sub. 1 is Griffindor. And the other Slytherne... I also noticed they mixed up both of my subscriptions in and made it 1 order. They put Griffindor items in a Slytherne box. I never received the Slytherne items that I paid for. Great team but as of business, it is equivalent to a home business that can get away with ripping you off, so be careful.

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