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Not worth the price of the box

Jun 03, 2019
Savanna K.
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The items themselves were in good condition but not worth the amount the box costs. It was honestly a waste of money.

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greenUP Box said...Jun 05, 2019

Hi Savanna, we're disappointed that this box did not live up to your expectations as we want everyone to feel inspired and excited to reduce plastic. We exist to make going plastic-free easier and more affordable. The retail value of the Clean & Purify Box is over $75. We do know however that the brands we often work with are higher end and less expensive alternatives can be found. We work with the brands we do because they are dedicated to ethical and sustainable production while reducing plastic throughout the supply chain. This means a lot more work for those companies and higher costs. We value these brands greatly as the work they're doing is difficult. We know there are many paths to reduce waste...

Great concept. Terrible execution.

Apr 04, 2020
Amaya S.
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The marketing photo is dramatically different than what I received. There is no way the items included totaled the $45 fee. Immediately cancelled after first box.

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greenUP Box said...Apr 06, 2020

Hi Amaya, we're sorry to hear this box didn't live up to your expectations. The cost to buy the products in The Clean Home box individually, not including shipping, is $60+. That being said, the team will consider your experience with the box carefully and work to improve. We want everyone to feel happy and excited to reduce plastic waste. We work with companies that have higher-end products and that often means higher price points. We want to work with companies that are dedicated to reducing plastic throughout the supply chain and that go above and beyond. With all that in mind, we will also need to be mindful of how those prices affect our community. Wishing you all the best on your plastic-reducing journey!