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This Subscription is Not For Value

by Lavinia S., Mar 22, 2019

Poor mix and offered cheap valued stuff. Receipe is not innovative. More of the same

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Mix Box by Homemade Bakers said...
Mar 24, 2019
Hey Lavinia, we are sorry to hear this about of Mocha Snowball Cookies, Gingerbread Cake & Lemon Sauce, & our Red Velvet Whoopie Pies! We try pick a dessert each month that we think everyone will love, while also keeping it simple for some of our younger and/or more inexperienced bakers! While ingredients in general are not a high value item, the ease of the premeasured, fresh ingredients and fun recipes each month makes our box fun & simple for all of our bakers! We totally understand we can’t please everyone with the desserts we pick, but if you ever decide to sign up again, please take advantage of our monthly swap option, the Cinnamon Buns! I have reached out through email so if you need anything else or have any more constructive feedback that would be great! Thanks!
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