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Japan Crate Reviews

3.2 of 5 stars
by Wayneek written Dec 05, 2018
I used to have JapanCrate when they first started out their company and they were great they gave me a tracking number and everything and my package came in the same month! But I stopped for a while and was very eager to start doing JapanCrate again but was very disappointed in the quality of work they’re doing now. I ordered a box a month ago and it still hasnt come and I have to wait till the end of this month just for it to come. There’s also no tracking number to tell me where my package is and when it’ll be here. They take much more time to do more of the shipping and other things but when they first started they were never like this. They need to do a better job and bring back the package tracking.
Missing items and Poor service
by Katharine written Dec 03, 2018
I contacted Japan Crate about a missing item in my December Crate and asked for a replacement. They told me it was in transit with the rest of my crate! They offered zero help in replacing the item or refunding me. Do yourself a favor and choose a different crate.
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Probably Lost $330.
by Natalie written Dec 02, 2018
Last week, I received an email that my “12-month subscription renewed successfully”. Did I recieve an email saying I will be charged soon for the new subscription cycle? No! Sent an email and cancelled as soon as I found out about this. No reply. Google says I will not be refunded based on Japan crate’s rule. I simply forgot that my subscription would be renewed automatically! A kind reminder would have helped me not lose $330, and I wouldn’t write such a low review! Now they have my money and I won’t get it back huh? I had just payed off my credit card, and I am in a money-tight situation. Give me my money back. By not refunding me after something I don’t want. You stole $330. Great food. Terrible conditions. Please send us reminders about our payments.. 💢
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Worse customer service ever
by Kwanjira written Nov 28, 2018
Okay it was my fault that I pushed my subscription renewal away for 6 months. I completely forgot about JapanCrate and now today they charged me $170 to renew it. They send you NOTHING to remind you about "its almost time we will renew your subscription". I'm no longer able to afford these crates so I contacted them and they said they aren't able to issue a refund. I get a notification everytime my card is charged so I emailed them as soon as that happen, still they told me they can't refund me. They didn't even ship out the crate yet, the transaction is still "pending" status and yet they can't issue me a refund. I will never ever subscript anything from them ever again and if you do, don't forget to cancel your subscription when you're done with them. I've been forgetful with these subscription services and when I asked other providers, they were kind and understanding to issue me a refund.
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by Pari written Nov 20, 2018
I ordered a crate three months ago and still have not received it. THREE MONTHS AND NO WORD. I need to be refunded but it appears that all their customer service does is restate your order details in a variety of emails.
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Ordred in August, not here in October
by Robin written Oct 15, 2018
If I hadn't already cancelled my box subscription I would have payed for three months of boxes now without receiving my first one. No tracking number is given like all of the japan crate boxes, which makes it incredibly difficult to know when its supposed to arrive. Previously ordered a normal japan crate and that was received on time, the gatcha crate is not worth the wait.
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by Emily written Sep 26, 2018
I unsubscribed after all they put in the box was Dagashi(cheap Japanese candy/snacks. Wasn't worth the $35 they charged.
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My favorite box!
by Lillian written Sep 16, 2018
Japan crate day is my favorite day of the month. The themes are a little hit or miss for me, but are pretty fun. I get the largest box and every month it’s packed with great snacks — old favorites and always something new I’ve never tried. This is one that I highly recommend.
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Waste of time
by Stephanne written Sep 03, 2018
I ordered it; got a shipping out notification. They said it would take 4-6 weeks to arrive. It still hasn't arrived and they already charged me for my next box.
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Where is my box
by Heaven written Aug 30, 2018
I unsubscribed for the second time after you charged me, I would like to know where my box is
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