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Japan Crate: Experience the excitement of Japan through monthly crates!

Plans as low as $22.50 / month

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Exteremely happy

by Rebecca B., yesterday

Extremely happy after my first one, gotta try it again. Thank you!

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Auto renewal

by Reid H., 2 days ago

Bought the 3 month as a Christmas gift. Was not aware it auto renewed, especially because I paid for all 3 months up front, not monthly. Forced to do 3 more months now...

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I just want to thank you

by Sofia C., 3 days ago

I just want to thank you for making my day whenever I get my crate delivery every month. Kudos to all your hardworking staff for picking the most beautiful and tastiest snacks they could ever source for your subscrisbers.

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I can't believe it

by Duyen F., 3 days ago

It all started when I read a blog that raves about Japan Crate. I got really curious and decided to try out their famous Premium crate. And boy they didn't disappoint! They are actually shipping legit japan goodies straight from Japan. I think that is amazing. You have a lifelong customer here :)

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Thank you for listening

by Heather D., 3 days ago

You guys are trying to make everything right with your customers, I really appreciate that. So I just want to say thank you for always listening to your customers! :)

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Thank you 100x

by Rytis L., 3 days ago

I just want to say thank you so much for sending the Premium Crate to me. Thank you so much. You don't know how happy I am to be receive it. And again Thank You.

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by Brandon K., 3 days ago

I am surprisingly amazed by the quality of snacks you have delivered to us last month so I went ahead and subscribed for a 3-month prepaid plan and let's see how that goes. Thank you.

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Monthly tradition

by Jasmine R., 4 days ago

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Japan Crate for the wonderful crates they are sending here in the office every month. It is now a tradition to open a box at the start of our monthly meetings. It is easier to kick off meetings with a bunch of happy managers, yeah?

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Thank you

by Vincent S., 4 days ago

Thank you Japan Crate!

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Experiencing Japan outside Japan

by Jacob M., 4 days ago

Thank you for letting me experience the food and culture in Japan without actually going to Japan. I hope you'll have a promotion where winners can get a chance to Japan haha! That would be so interesting!

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