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3.2 of 5 stars
by Nicole written Aug 28, 2018
Will I still get the premium August box if I order now?
by Lillian written Aug 19, 2018
One of my all-time favorite subscription boxes. Getting it always made my day and I loved sharing the individually packaged things with my friends. As a lover of older anime, I didn’t really know many of the ones the box featured but I still appreciated that aspect of the box.
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Never received items
by Emily written Aug 19, 2018
Waiting and waiting with no response from the company. Extemely disappointed. Will never order from them again
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Japan Crate said...
Aug 20, 2018
Hey Emily, Our shipping schedule is vastly different from many e-commerce websites. Your first crate purchase was part of our first wave of shipments but did not ship until August 20. The crate is on it’s way to you now and should arrive in a few weeks. You can read more about our shipping schedule in our FAQ linked below. If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to our support team at info@japancrate.com
Horrible price and shipping
by Josh written Aug 14, 2018
I decided to get a subscription for japan crate premium. After noticing that i paid almost 50 dollars for a crate, i thought i would get a lot of great food products to try. Once i received my crate, i knew i didnt get my moneys worth. A bag of chips, a small box of cookies, a couple chocolate bars, some candies, and a small can of drink. At most worth 10-15 dollars. The shipping time is also hateful. I got a email saying my July crate shipped within the first couple days of July. Its now August 15th and i still dont have my crate. I tried to email japan crate, but i got no response
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Japan Crate said...
Aug 15, 2018
Hey Josh, We apologize for the issue with your crate. It seems you’ve written to our support team and they will be able to assist you further. We had replied to your previous email but we never got a response back. Please check your spam folder as our support teams response may have ended up there. We hope to get your issues sorted out soon!
Yeah, I didn't even get my crate.
by Don written Aug 05, 2018
I still haven't received my crate yet, it's been over 4 weeks. Still nothing. They don't even give you a tracking number, which is ridiculous. I'd recommend J-List instead. I haven't even gotten my refund either so, stay away.
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Japan Crate said...
Aug 08, 2018
Hey Don, We’re sorry your crate hasn’t reached you yet. It seems your crate was part of our final wave of July Japan Crate shipments that shipped out on July 3. We have a six week delivery period which for this wave ends on August 14. If you do not reach your crate by then please contact our support team at info@japancrate.com <mailto:info@japancrate.com> and we will be able to assist you further.
Love it!
by Christine written Jul 25, 2018
Just like the title said I love it! Ignore the negative review and try it for yourself. I know lots of people complain about the shipping but really they did ship it out but some people got trouble receiving it (customs and etc). But when you receive it you'll love it (at least I do!) I have quite a misunderstanding at first because I thought no one replying my email for week and when I read all the negative review (makes it worse) I really thought I was conned. But today I actually received the crate (on time!) and they confirm that they actually did reply me. I just can't find it on my inbox and spam folder idk why it's so weird. Anyway, hope you can enjoy the crate as much as I do!
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Doki Doki
by JenniferLoring written Jul 23, 2018
Just received my first Doki Doki crate, and I love everything in it! I know people had issues with the wind chime arriving broken, but mine was in perfect condition. Can’t wait for the next box!
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by Marie written Jun 19, 2018
me and my daughter was very impressed. We limed everything in the box.
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by Lori written Jun 07, 2018
I started my superscription in December my kids and I really enjoyed it at first and looked forward to receiving it. But the variety is not there and my kids were even commenting on how we keep getting some of the same stuff. Then we never got our April crate, which we were looking forward to getting, because of the things they said we could expect, but it never came. I got my May crate, but never Aprils. I have contacted support many times and they responded the beginning of May saying to be patient that some crates were lost in shipping and they were working on it. Then when my May crate showed up I contacted support and asked what was up. They never responded. So, I contacted them again and with no response, they finally responded back when I sent my last response in all caps demanding either my money back or my April crate, they responded with we already responded to you and nothing more. I have canceled my subscription and still am waiting on either my crate or my money back and an explanation or some kind of helpful response.
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Japan Crate said...
Jun 08, 2018
Hey Lori, We’re incredibly sorry that your April Crate never reached you. It seems you were put on our reshipment list so a replacement crate should arrive to you soon. Also I’ve checked our ticketing system and it seems that we’ve responded to every email that you’ve sent us. I’m sorry those responses did not get to you, they may have ended up in your spam folder. Please contact us again if there are issues with receiving your replacement crate and we will assist you promptly.
by Raquel written May 08, 2018
The whole thing was amazing first time trying Japanese snacks and got to say it was actually pretty good you never know what to expect thank you
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