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Keep growing

by Emily W., 5 days ago

I am overwhelmed to see that Japan Crate is doing really well. I've been with you for years now and I can see that your company will still grow. I am just glad that I was one of those people who believed in you from the very beginning and I will definitely continue to support your business in the next years to come.

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Good looking booklets

by Candida F., 5 days ago

This sounds weird but I aside from your super awesome Japan goodies, also look forward to your booklet every month haha! I know I know. I am an artist myself so I really appreciate the hardwork you put in your animations. Kudos to your graphic designer!

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Thank you

by Maddie N., 5 days ago

Thanks for sending us Japanese snacks every month! Our whole family loves them.

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They are bigger!

by Conner B., 5 days ago

I loved your Umai crate before but I love them even more this time! Noodles are definitely bigger and better! You are doing such a fantastic job right there. Keep it up!

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Hugs and kisses

by Emma B., 5 days ago

I just want to send my hugs and kisses to Japan Crate family. You guys are awesome!

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Addicted to your Umai crate

by Jessica L., 6 days ago

This is all Japan crate's fault, I am now addicted to Japanese noodles! Kiddin! I love your Umai crates. Who ever came up with this idea is a genius. Send my regards to him.

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Amazing crates

by Shawn H., 6 days ago

Japan crate never fails to surprise me and my kiddos every month. I thought the crates were a bit expensive at first but given the happiness it brings to my kids, it is definitely worth every cent! Highly recommended.

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by Rickey S., 6 days ago

I've been looking for Japan snacks almost all my life (?) and then I finally found Japan Crate. Seriously, you are the best!

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The bestttt!

by Grace H., Mar 15, 2019

Sorry if it took a bit of time for me to leave a review but now is the time. I would like to say that out of all the Japan box services that I have tested, Japan Crate is definitely the best of all! My box is full of Japanese candies and snacks that I really really love. I'm also surprised to see the amount of items they can fit in a box! It is definitely worth it. A forever subscriber here for sure.

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Japan crate all the way!

by Elizabeth F., Mar 15, 2019

Doki doki crate is pure heaven. Your accessories are all spot on. Japancrate all the way!

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