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3.2 of 5 stars
Not Recieved
by Kayla written Mar 20, 2018
Charged me for the second box and I still haven't got my first box...🙄
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Japan Crate said...
Mar 21, 2018
Hey Kayla, We’re sorry your crate hasn’t reached you yet. It seems your crate went out on 2/28 and our crates can take 2-4 weeks for delivery and sometimes up to six weeks depending on weather conditions and issues at customs. Unfortunately sometimes this means that subscriptions renew before the first crate is received. We’re incredibly sorry for this issue and hope you enjoy your crate when it reaches your home. If you have any additional questions please contact our support team at info@japancrate.com
Not Happy
by Amy written Mar 13, 2018
I ordered 2 different Japan candy type boxes. One being this one. They have already charged me a second time and I have not even received one box yet. The other company I’ve already received one box and my second is on the way. I started my subscription to both on the same day. The customer service for this one stinks also. Try a different one don’t waste your time and money on this particular one.
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Japan Crate said...
Mar 14, 2018
Hey Amy, I’m sorry your crate hasn’t reached you quite yet. Since our crates are shipped directly from Japan, it takes a bit longer to get to you. We appreciate your patience while waiting to receive your crate. If you have any feedback for our customer support team, we’d be happy to hear from you.
Still haven't got my order it's been for
by Michaela written Mar 12, 2018
Where is my package? Oh that's right you guys won't tell me just say you don't have tracking. How do you not have a tracking number on a package? I ordered mine last month and it's been way past the time it's supposed to arrive. How am I supposed to know if the mail man delivered it to the wrong apartment? That has happened to me before but the package had a tracking number so when it said delivered and it wasn't here I was able to find out they delivered it to the wrong person but if Japan crate doesn't have a tracking number than i don't know they the mail man messed up again. I want my crate or my money back. You guys at Japan crate need to get your stuff together. This isn't professional. No email saying when it's been shipped out or delivered or anything seems like you just don't want to responsible for undelivered crates
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by andréa written Mar 11, 2018
Super box !!
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by Jennifer written Mar 10, 2018
Great gift for kids!
by Victor written Mar 02, 2018
The email says that my order was shipped a month ago, till now i received NOTHING.
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Japan Crate said...
Mar 02, 2018
Hey Victor, I've checked your account and see your crate was shipped out on the 2/3. Our crates can sometimes take up to six weeks for delivery as there could be delays caused by bad weather or an issue at customs. We’re sorry that your crate hasn’t arrived yet but please allow two more weeks for delivery. If you do not receive your crate please let our team know at info@japancrate.com and we’ll do our best to assist you.
by Ericka written Feb 28, 2018
We love getting Japan crate! The information booklet that comes with it tells you about each product and is so helpful and well done. There's a nice mix of sweet and salty snacks. Very pleased!
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Doki Doki Feb 2018
by Kathy written Feb 26, 2018
We did love the crate but was hoping for a year of the dog theme- maybe a Shiba!
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by Erin written Feb 25, 2018
Terrible customer service. I still haven’t recieved my January 2018 crate. I waited the full 6 weeks before emailing info@japancrate.com and when I did I got an automatic response saying they’d get back to me in 3-4 business days. As of Monday it will be 8 business days and I still haven't gotten a response. I feel like I’ve been cheated; there’s no other way to contact them so I’m stuck just waiting (you aren’t supposed to open more than one ticket). It’s extremely frustrating. I was warned by a friend not to subscribe to doki doki crate; she said ever since they switched their shipping back to Japan the schedule and service has been awful. I didn’t believe her and I really should have. I have yet to receive a crate in the month it was intended for. This wouldn’t be a big deal, but a lot of the items tend to be season-specific. It’s hard to find a use for a Christmas tree key chain/ornament in January. The items are cute but definitely not worth the stress of wondering where your box is and if it’s actually going to show up. Some tracking information would be really helpful.
Verified Purchase
Would give zero stars if I could.
by Allie written Feb 25, 2018
I have continued to ask for tracking for my missing package. I have now waited 5 days and still no response. Yet they posted here that they had been very responsive. Really? I also had 2 items missing from my box and they refuse to ship those as well. Stay away from this company, very poor customer service.
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