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Japan Crate: Experience the excitement of Japan through monthly crates!

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Japan Crate Reviews

3.2 of 5 stars
No refunds, no warnings
by Justin written Oct 16, 2017
Was just charged $270 Today without warning and Japan Crate doesn't do refunds. Thanks but no thanks, subscription services need a few things for me to support them. If you're not going to warn me before my 1 year subscription is renewed and then not give me a refund when I've requested it then I can't support your service. Also, there's no phone number to contact Japan Crate through, so I can't get in direct contact with anyone. Amazon doesn't warn you when Prime is renewed but they'll refund, Netflix, HBO, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, all of them send a warning email before charging you, I can support services that care about the possible financial situations of their customers. Japan Crate is not one of them. It was fun while it lasted. I posted this on their Facebook page originally, but they deleted it, so since they don't want anyone to see this, I'll be posting this to their Twitter and reposting on their Facebook page.
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Great box!
by Jennifer written Aug 13, 2017
I just got my first box and it came in two weeks. I had been warned it might take up to 6 weeks since it was being shipped from Japan but, got it quick. I got it to share with my nephew who loves Japan and we had a good time going through the snacks. Thinking about getting another one but, this time getting one of the larger boxes.
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by Mike written Jul 05, 2017
Ordered but never received package, waited two months. Finally contacted them and they offered a refund to which I accepted. Two months later still no word.
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Awesome Crate & A Learning Experience...
by Lizzie written Jun 28, 2017
First, I would like to share some information with some reviewers leaving ridiculous claims on their reviews (pretty laughable ones, actually, lol). "False advertisement can further be classified as deceptive if the advertiser DELIBERATELY MISLEADS the consumer, as opposed to making an honest mistake." I don't know about everyone else, but I have yet to see deliberate misleading information. Some months are well over the stated weight while other months it falls just a little bit short. Furthermore, think of it this way: with this product you are paying not just for products, but for an EXPERIENCE, too. Put things into perspective, people! And, btw, if someone sent me an email and told me I was committing illegal behavior - when I'm not - I probably wouldn't reply to your crazy self either. Just
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Terrible customer service
by Jennifer written Jun 21, 2017
My 6-month subscription was somehow set to auto-renew when I had purchased this a one-time gift. They sent no advance notice that my subscription was going to automatically renew and charged me $140 for another 6 months. I immediately cancelled and contacted them asking for a refund and they refused. Terrible experience.
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Terrible service, false advertising
by Angela written Apr 26, 2017
The box doesn't weigh nearly as much as they advertise they do. Which is illegal and they are aware of this. They also won't refund me when I cancelled, which is also illegal. Takes forever to reply to messages and doesn't actually offer help, had to issue chargeback due to horrendous customer service.
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No big issues, my favorite box
by Jennifer written Mar 27, 2017
I've been a subscriber since March 2016. I have only had one problem: one box contained several lemon-flavored items and a bag of cough drops. Otherwise, I love everything. No problems receiving items or boxes, so I can't comment on customer service. I've tried several boxes, but this is my favorite. Last month I got soy sauce flavored Cheetos! Yum!! I am very happy with this service, but I do miss the Manga comic that they used to send each month.
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Continued poor customer service
by J.c. written Mar 17, 2017
Their customer service is terrible! 7 weeks, and still have not received our crate, customer service refuses to do anything about it.
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Not a pleasant experience
by Bethany written Mar 09, 2017
My main issue here is the terrible customer service. They are extremely unhelpful and refuse to answer questions. I tried the Doki Doki crate (which was mostly junky stuff and definitely not worth $40 CAD), and that month they happened to change their shipping so the boxes ship sooner, so I checked my account but the "cancel by" date was unchanged, and since I was still waiting for my first box, I didn't cancel yet. Once I finally received the box, they'd already charged me (earlier than the date that I checked on my account) for the next box. When I tried to explain this, they refused to refund me and tried to lay the blame on me. I don't write negative reviews, ever, but this impressively bad customer service is worth warning others about. The boxes aren't that great--I'd recommend going for a different Japan box--I wish I'd checked the reviews!
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Same Issue Like Others, AVOID
by John written Mar 07, 2017
Like Others have already stated, I was charged with two months before I received my first month's shipment. Their customer service is abysmal and they assume all blame is on the end user. With NO TRACKING, who will they assume responsibility? Lastly, their crates do not contain anything close to $30 worth of items.
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