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Excited much

by Angela I., Mar 01, 2019

I live in Canada and love my Japan Crate and have just signed up to try out the Umai Crate.

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Thank you from our family

by Sebastian S., Mar 01, 2019

Hey Japan Crate! I just wanted to say thank you from our little family to yours. We love the boxes you send us and the kids are just as excited as I am. We love you guys! <3

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Addicted to you!

by Jeremy B., Mar 01, 2019

Let me start with this. I LOVE my Japan crate. What started as a random purchase based off a Facebook add in December has turned into my monthly splurge. I look forward to getting my Japan crate and umai crates :)

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I love my premium crates

by Gianna W., Mar 01, 2019

I am your biggest fan! I have tried all of your crates but my favorite is your Premium Japan Crate! You are doing such a fantastic job in surprising us every single month. I love you all!

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Japan Crate is special

by Amber M., Mar 01, 2019

I just got my December Japan crate and I love it so much!!! The box is very festive and each of the wrappers on each candy/snack is too! And they are so cute and quirky! I've had Japan crate for a while and I've loved every box but this one is something special. I haven't even eaten anything yet, I've just been staring at how cool everything looks and how well you guys packed everything to look nice. I'm gonna have to dig in soon though because everything sounds so good. I just wanted to tell you guys this because I never want you guys to stop your service. Oh and I can't wait for next month's crate!!

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Exceeded expectations

by Andrea G., Feb 28, 2019

Thank you so much for this month's dokidoki crate!! I've been meaning to buy bento accessories and this box was just what I needed! I love you guys <333 the boxes were also a pleasant surprise because lately I've been looking into buying some! this box just exceeded my expectations and I can't wait for next month's!

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by Marylene S., Feb 28, 2019

I've been a subscriber to Japan Crate for two months now and I love it!

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That was fast

by Kelsey B., Feb 27, 2019

Just got my Doki Doki crate, wow that was fast! I love all of the cute things inside :) I've been subscribed since January and enjoy collecting the books almost as much as the cuteness inside. Please send me more :)

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Keep it up

by Malia R., Feb 27, 2019

I just wanted to let you guys know I love Japan crate and it's always something I look forward to every month.

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I love it!

by James V., Feb 27, 2019

Hello! I just received my first Doki Doki Crate this November, and I love it! My dog loved it too!

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