8 - 12+ KETO & LOW CARB Snacks Delivered Monthly. Reach your fitness goals with My Keto Snack Box!

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Wonderful box not so wonderful products

Nov 14, 2020
Larry D.
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I got the Keto Snack Box in the mail very quickly. The number of items was a nice surprise and i was very happy when I opened the box.
Some of the products were not that great. The Fbomb pork jerky was just nasty and the ketomania wonder food paste gave me bad stomach cramps. The peanut butter bar was tasteless. This is not My Keto Snack Box responsibility that the products were on the poor side of taste.
I would definately suggest this box but not some of the products inside.

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Great box!

Dec 02, 2018
Kamryn M.
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I am on the Keto diet and I LOVE the variety of snacks and yummy treats! After trying some of the snacks, I have gone out and purchased more. I highly recommend!!

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