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Feb 19, 2019
Dana B.
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Honestly I was a little dissapointed I went with option 3 which was the most in cost and according to the description vs. What I actually got wasnt "much more" I felt a little ripped off so to say I feel like the box was pretty small and am curious about how small the smaller box actually is. Most of what was in the box was paper.. I was hopeing for more crystals inscents and other goodies that were promised ... But over all what I did recieve was pretty neat so I cant complain. Though I more than likely wouldnt purchase this box again oh well on to the next. Thank you!

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Magickal Earth said...Feb 20, 2019

Thank you Dana for your review. This is difficult because it is the first time anywhere we have received such a low review. I have emailed you to go over what you received in your box ( just in case perhaps your box was missing items) . This last month’s Premium box had over a $110.00 worth of products not including the free shipping we provide. A big part of our box is our Astrology and our Tarot , which are both paper. We include a What’s in the Box card , Crystals descriptions and Instructions for any items we believe need explaining. We work very hard to give our customers as much as we possibly can in product. Sometimes too much..LOL and then I...



May 10, 2019
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I ordered the Premium box for April. I appreciate the sentiment they put into the spring box but the value (for me) just didn't appear to be there. I was really looking forward to more stones, maybe oracle cards or a journal, and incense or candles. They were wonderful with customer support when I canceled - that goes a long way. I will say that I absolutely loved the rose quartz heart but that alone did not make the price for items received worth it. Thank you!

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