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Contents wonderful; schedule confusing

Jan 29, 2020
Amy M.
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Pros - I love the contents of this box. It contains quality self-care items.

Cons - (1) It is the most expensive box I receive. I cancelled at one point, decided to re-subcribe, and the price went up another $7.15. Of course, it is up to each customer to decide if it worth it, (2) the quarterly shipping schedule is hard to understand. I signed up initially at the end of May and received a box a few days later. Then I was charged again in July and received a box a week later. Then I was charged again mid-August and received a box at the beginning of October. This makes some sense if the quarterly schedule is Jan-Apr-Jul-Oct, but I re-subscribed in December and did not receive a January box. At this point I guess I should try not to worry about it unless I do not receive a box before my March renewal date. Still, these boxes are supposed to help relieve my anxiety, not add to it.

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