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Feb 25, 2020
Laramie C.
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I ordered this box under the impression that it is for the momma to get some relaxation before the baby is born. Obviously there will be some baby stuff in the box and something for my husband every so often. I received my first box super excited since this is my first pregnancy and I opened it and I was crushed. Practically none of it was for me to enjoy then. The point of the box is that they know your due date so they know what trimester you are in. Almost all of the items I received in my box were for someone way further along in pregnancy than me. I received items for right before delivery and I was still in the first trimester. I contacted the company about this and they issued me a small part of a refund back for that box. I decided to give them another chance since I had prepaid for the 6 month subscription and when I received it the items in the box were more curated for where I was in my pregnancy but as it turned out I did not receive everything I was supposed to receive.

So I contacted the company about this and want my full refund. I am going to send back all of the items that I do not choose to keep or if I have already opened them and hope I get my almost $200.00 back from them within some time frame. I am very...

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Oh Baby Boxes said...Feb 26, 2020

Hi Laramie,
Thank you for your valuable feedback and we do hope we've handled your request to your satisfaction. While our team works diligently to make no mistakes, our boxes are carefully hand packaged monthly and as a result, one does fall through the cracks once in awhile. Additionally, our curation team some times include products that may be used to help prepare for your hospital bag. Thank you for your understanding and for giving us the opportunity to be with your on your pregnancy journey.

OBB Team

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