Paranormal t-shirts with hidden elements that could lead you to some FREE Merchandise! Come Play!!!

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Fun time

Dec 31, 2019
Sherri M.
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cool idea !! I ordered this for my son and got caught up in the mystery . We have fun trying to solve this together!

Thought provoking

Oct 07, 2018
Nancy H.
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This t shirt was pretty cool. Will certainly get comments when i wear it. Got me thinking right away about alternate histories. Looking forward to solving puzzle.

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Neat stuff

Jun 15, 2018
Ashley E.
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The shirts have been very neat. The "extra puzzles" have not impressed so far.

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Mandela Effect

Nov 11, 2018
Cathy D.
1 Review

Parabox is certainly challenging to get started, but we seem to get rolling once we got going. Fun to work on as a family!

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