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Disappointing and NOT worth $49

Apr 03, 2020
Ashley M.
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We were EXTREMELY unimpressed from the moment we opened the box. The box itself was punctured, but that could very well have happened in transit so I'm not dinging the company for that. First, the vanilla had leaked all over the inside of one of the bags, but thankfully we had our own. Then, the butter wasn't even cold. It looked like the cold packaging was not adequately sealed and thus not cold when it arrived. So packaging is an issue for this company, it seems.
As for the producuts: we received recipes and ingredients for a coconut cake and a lemon tart. We made the coconut cake tonight and even after carefully following the instructions, it didn't rise--not even a little. My guess is that the baking powder was old or had been frozen at some point. Now we're left with two coconut pancakes to frost instead of a two-layer cake. The taste of the cake was nothing special or impressive, either. Maybe the lemon tart will wow us...but I'm not holding out much hope.
Bottom line: This was super basic, the freshness of the ingredients was questionable, and the packaging was not temperature appropriate. Basically, I just paid $49 for what would cost, at most, $15 if I'd bought the individual ingredients myself.

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Red Velvet NYC said...Apr 03, 2020

Hi Ashley, We're really sorry to hear about your experience with the Coconut Cake. This is of course, not what we aim for -- we want our bakers to be happy! I'm personally disappointed to hear that you wrote a very negative review (we've never received 1 star) without even trying to bake the second baking kit. During this immense time of crisis, we ask for patience and understanding in regards to shipping. FedEx and UPS are doing the best they can and it sounds like they damaged your box and treated it so roughly that an ingredient broke in transit. We are always happy to replace anything that gets broken or damaged but you did not contact us to do so so we have...