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No response after two weeks..please help

Mar 25, 2021
Michelle Y.
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Really hate to do this and I hope I can take it down after this problem is rectified, but I’m desperate to get a response after trying to reach them regarding not having shipped my order for March (ordered originally in Feb for the March box) and already charged for the April box. The most concerning is I’ve tried to reach them via multiple avenues including through Cratejoy ticket for over 2 weeks.
I have a holistic healing YouTube channel and this was a new box for my channel. I still want the box and still feel like I can be positive in reviewing it as long as we can get this figured out.
Please contact me Rose & Plume.
Still no response even through Cratejoy. I’m hoping the person is ok. Anyone else having the issue of not having the boxes you’ve paid for sent out? It shows it’s paid and that it hasn’t shipped, but I can’t get any response in almost a month from the owner.
Please contact me and let me know what’s going on. I still want my boxes and hope your ok.

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Mar 30, 2021
Heidi H.
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I really wanted to love this box, but after waiting for two months I've still not received anything. I made the purchase in the first week of February thinking I'd get the box some time in March, but still nothing. Sent a request to "the Seller" but never heard back so Cratejoy had to step in, and even that took weeks. If I'm not getting my box then send my $60 bucks back.

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