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RunLocker - a premium monthly membership subscription for runners

Plans as low as $41.95 / month

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Hopefully it gets better

Dec 19, 2018
Kevin S.
1 Review

Not impressed with anything in my first box at all.. im hoping the second does have some value.. but as the other guy who gave it 1 star .. maybe $10 in value for what i paid and the hype that came with it.. seriously very very disappointed.. but i will hold judgment.. as it stands from first box. I would recommend others that have shown better products

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Don’t do it!!!

Oct 24, 2018
Sally D.
1 Review

Just got my first box—totally SUCKS. Retail value of contents—about $5–tops. I bought the $45 box. Thanks for the sticker and the no-name candy bar. You HAVE to do better—seriously!

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