A mix of handcrafted witchcraft charms, candles, & oils bundled with tools & supplies of the craft.

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Very sad :(

Aug 14, 2019
Jenifer P.
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We are extremely low income. I get a small SSI check and my husband works but is disabled so only part time at min. wage. I go without alot of extras other than bills so when my husband said we could afford to get a small priced box since I had been wanting one for a long time...my heart soared. I researched and watched unboxing video after unboxing video...looking at reviews and finally settled on Sacred Apprentice from Sacred Iseum. I loved what I saw. I paid for the box August 1st. The information said if paid for by the 4th it would be shipped on the 8th. If paid for after the 4th it would ship on the 10th.

The 8th came and went with no word. I thought ok maybe cratejoy delayed giving him notification and I waited. The 10th came and went. No word, no tracking number and the subscription page says it is still being readied. I wrote an email on the 12th asking when it would ship. I have mailtracks on my emails. It notifies me the exact moment my email is opened. My email was opened 2 hours after I wrote it and yet now 2 days later I have yet to be replied to.

I think I am a pretty understanding person. If there was a delay I would not be upset as long as there is communication. After all the happy reviews and unboxings I've seen I dont know...

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Not happy

Jan 19, 2019
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I have got 3 boxes from them and now my 4th box has not came yet and they took out for the 5th box this is know way to run a business . Thanks unhappy costumer

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Sacred Iseum said...Jan 23, 2019

Hello, we are saddened to hear that you did not have a great experience with us this past month. I understand the box was late, and you were charged for Feb. box before receiving the January box. This is not normal practice with us and we strive to get out our boxes at the designated shipping date with a flex period of up to 3 days. We did send out emails to all our subscribers and notated all accounts as to the reason of the delay (our facility was involved in a fire forcing us to move) and when to expect the January boxes, also how to cancel or suspend service to not get auto charged for Feb. and if charged to notify us for...

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