A mix of handcrafted witchcraft charms, candles, & oils bundled with tools & supplies of the craft.

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Love my Box

Mar 18, 2019
Tira B.
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Thank you for the wonderful spring themed box. Nice lists with instructions and what each item in the package is used for and how to use it. The only issue I had is it would have been nice to have labels on the ingredients stating what they are ( it is a very nice touch ). The other issue I had was my pot was broken all to pieces. But all in all I loved it

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January box

Feb 01, 2020
Kim H.
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That January boxes had been canceled and pushed out to February and all renewals pushed out a month till March.

There is no January box. Next box shipped will be Feb box and next renewals won't be till March 17th. Sorry for the delay, my medical emergency landed me in the hospital for 3 weeks
I create these boxes solely and there was no one to pick up where I was not able to complete.

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