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Went from bad, to great, to terrible

by Jason B., Jan 09, 2019

The whole experience has been terrible. They messed up my first box, and I gave them the benefit of the doubt, and a second chance. Then, I changed my "genre" selections, and still get records of the old genre I didn't want. So they clearly don't pay attention to changes. Shipping is typically late, and they have no tracking. The records I get are random garbage. Out of 18 records, 1 was decent. I could literally go to the used record store down the street and save myself a lot of cash. Cancelled a day late and got charged for another 3 months. Doubtful anything will change.

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Service Sucks!

by Michael G., Aug 11, 2018

The records are in terrible condition, scratched and broken. I also tried to cancel several times, but the service renewing. I even sent an email directly to the company who sends the records, no customer support. This is a scam. No I have to take it up with my bank because I do not want to receive this service but it won’t stop renewing. Don’t waste your $$!

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Vinyl Record Club said...
Aug 13, 2018
We refunded the complete subscription charge and are always willing to do what it takes to make our customers happy. Sorry for you negative experience, hope all is ok now that we fixed this. Nearly all our music lovers enjoy their vinyl boxes!
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