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This pasta is different. It is made artisanally with stone ground flour from Sicilian ancient wheat. The people who makes it will never compromise on quality, and sustainability for the good of the land and all the people who will eat this precious product. Please read more below. Made in Sicily for Seligo by Pastificio Minardo.
  • THE FIRST INGREDIENT IS SICILY - Our pasta is made with Sicilian Ancient Wheat. These Grains are NOT GMO, they do NOT need PESTICIDES, CHEMICALS, and GLYPHOSATE to grow and ripe. The reason is simple. They belong to the biodiversity of Sicily therefore they can coexist and defend themself naturally from weeds. The Sicilian sun does the rest providing the wheat with the high temperature to ripe naturally and transforms the solar energy into nourishment. The most sustainable way to grow food.
  • THE ARTISANAL TRADITION OF STONE MILLING All of our flours are stone ground and cold-milled. STONE GROUND means the grain is crushed between stones from the 18th century adapted in a modern plant in Modica, run by the "Mulino Angelica" family. We produce whole grain flours or divert the flour to a sifter. Sifting removes the larger bran, but the germ remains, crushed into the endosperm spreading its oils, nutrients, and flavor. The ancient and traditional COLD-MILLING technique keeps milling temperatures below a certain threshold to preserve the nutrients (vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants).
  • A WHOLESOME PRODUCT - The pasta made with regular durum wheat flour extracted by modern grains is an empty shell with no significant nutrients and neutral aroma and taste. Opening a bag of our pasta will project your senses to the Sicilian countryside. For once, it's not a metaphor. Try to smell this pasta and you'll perceive the aroma of the incredible variety of aromatic weeds that grows in the hilly landscape near the Mediterranean sea.
  • WHAT'S GOING ON WITH GLUTEN? Modern wheat varietis have been genetically modified by radiation during the fifties. The result are wheat with a stronger chemical composition of their GLUTEN. This is great for the food industry, perfect for industrial machinery that needs a more elastic dough but it is completely wrong for our body who will suffer more to digest and eventually may develop an intolerance.
  • A curated box containing 4 Pasta bags (8 oz each) of different shapes and different Sicilian ancient wheat flour varieties will arrive at your door every month. Plus we will send traditional recipes in the email address provided at purchase to bring your pasta skills to the next level.


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