Shaker & Spoon
A monthly cocktail box delivering original recipes plus all you need to make them!

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An exercise of making really bad drinks.
by Donna written Aug 10, 2017
I bought a 1 year subscription and can't even bring myself to open the monthly boxes anymore. I haven't found 1 drink in the last 3 months that were even drinkable. These drinks are for those who believe the more ingredients you have in a drink the better (on average they require 5 ingredients - ON AVERAGE - some have used as many as 7 per drink). If you like to overcomplicate a process, and think making a drink measuring drops from an eye dropper is fun and reasonable, this subscription is for you.
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by Savy written May 15, 2017
Every single drink tasted like straight tequila and that was it. Absolutely horrible. Wouldn't recommend.
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