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Disappointed in Box

Feb 10, 2020
Annette J.
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I bought this as a Valentine's Gift for my husband. We were really disappointed in the box. We have made two of the three drinks and none of them were even close to being something we would like. We aren't picky about drinks but these just weren't good. I contacted the company and have yet to hear back.

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Shaker & Spoon said...Feb 10, 2020

Hi Annette, we're so sorry to hear that the box you received didn't suit you! Our support team did reply to your email on Saturday, February 8 at 4:10pm EST. Perhaps their response got lost in your spam folder? We’ve asked them to reach out again! For the future, we do have a detailed blog post about each box that you can read ahead of the box shipping, and you're welcome to skip any boxes that you'd rather not receive or even contact us to swap in a past box. Hope that helps!

Quality Ingredients-Drinks Serious

Feb 12, 2019
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I saw so many great reviews on this box I had to try it. It shipped fast, came well packaged and seems to have good quality ingredients. Requires a purchase of an alcohol bottle, which was no surprise. The month I received was an extra $40 bottle of alcohol I won't ever drink. I believe it will make the 3 drinks 4 times, although I won't ever know. One drink required a raw egg, which I won't do as too dangerous for those of us who have had food poisoning from raw eggs. Another drink was so strong I could not drink it. I will make the third drink but my hopes of fun with this box have vanished. The box delivered what they said, it is just not for me.

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Shaker & Spoon said...Feb 13, 2019

Oh, no, Kathryn! We're so sorry to hear that this box didn't suit you (though we're glad you appreciated the care and ingredients that went into the box)! We understand your hesitation at consuming a raw egg, but want to assure you that it's a very standard cocktail ingredient, so long as the eggs are fresh—perhaps you have some friends who may be interested in taking a stab at that cocktail?

We also want to mention that we do explicitly note any such ingredients (and provide detailed descriptions of all the drinks) in our monthly reveal of each box, so that anyone who doesn't wish to use a particular ingredient has a chance to opt out (since you're always welcome to skip any boxes that you'd...

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