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Was good while it lasted

Dec 14, 2018
Shesta K.
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Had been subscribed since Sep'17, the first box.
As a seasoned collector, you know the quality of their cleaning is superb and usually the boiled and bleached $10 skulls on auction sites don't compare. I hate cleaning X-Small skulls so I felt I really got my money's worth with what ever little critter they sent along. As a bonus, all the other little goodies made great little gifts for my crafty friends. Not everything was perfect of course, a chipped or missing tooth, small broken bone here and there, I still was very happy.

This month received a Pocket Gopher skull and a Raccoon baculum. Gopher had a $35 price tag on it while missing majority of the molars. It couldn’t sit together in the cabinet so I inquired with them about possibly buying replacement teeth for it at least, but unfortunately don't offer those for sale. Also mentioned the skull had a price tag of a Grade A, didn't get any explanation for it, just some copy pasta of what may be in the box that’s posted everywhere. So I assume regardless of the skull’s quality, they’re all labeled the same value so you can win or really lose in the box lottery.

Whether it was mislabeled by mistake or maybe that's what they consider a Grade A for that type, I would've been happy with an actual explanation. They didn't seem to give a gopher’s butt about anything despite a year of loyalty. They offered a refund for returned goods,...

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Just not a great money value

Aug 15, 2018
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Quality was great, just a lackluster box in terms of value and interest. Cheaper to buy yourself.

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