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Ehh not for us

Jun 24, 2020
Kelsea M.
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This is a great box for the 10-13 age range. Everything is very family friendly. It is really just a puzzle game than a mystery box. The case we received, case 032, was missing a line from the circus flyer, I assume. When we emailed, the hint explained it should say something about Rena the elephant and Blaze the ring master. However, those names were no where on the circus flyer. I assume someone cut off a line or something. That made the mystery impossible to solve on your own without being able to email or cheat. So all in all, we didn't enjoy it. Except when you unscramble one of the words you can spell "Penus" and that made us laugh haha

Update: After the response below, it does seem we were missing a document. We had 4 clues and a yellow crystal ball paper. But like Brandon said, you could email him and get a copy if you realize it is missing. We emailed the stock account and got the answer to the puzzle which made us realize something was missing. But we already had the answer by that point so it wouldn't have mattered much. Also, nothing wrong with being family friendly, just wouldn't recommend it for a date night like the site listing does.

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Sleuth Kings said...Jun 24, 2020

Hi Kelsea,

I appreciate your feedback - thank you!

We do strive to keep all of our cases family friendly, so they tend to be quirky and often focus on non-violent crime.

In regards to the document issue you mentioned, I think you actually may have been looking at the incorrect document. For the puzzle you referenced, you need to look at multiple documents. The elephant and ringmaster are named on the poster that was included with your case file, not the the flyer.

Of course, if there are ever any issues with the documents - which is pretty rare - I'm always more than happy to send a replacement physical and digital copy as long as I'm contacted about the issue. Unfortunately, I didn't hear from you, so...

Ok box...

Jun 19, 2018
Linda D.
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My girlfriend bought this box last month and we played through the real case and the starter case. There were some interesting concepts, but the materials weren't really what we were expecting and the puzzles were not the best. For the money, there are several other mystery boxes that we liked better.

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