Bi-Monthly Subscription Box

Bi-Monthly Subscription Box

by Sow.Reap.Harvest
Uplifting, thoughtful, and creative ways to invest in your loved ones, your team and yourself!

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Nov 14, 2020
Tracey H.
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I am so disappointed in myself for falling for this subscription box. I have literally found everything in them at Dollar Tree! My box came with shattered lantern and candle. I requested replacements and though another (shattered) lantern was sent, I wa told that I couldn't get another candle because the "single mother" who makes them "ran out of materials and can no longer make the candles". To my surprise, ahem, I received a candle with a note saying that she miraculously was able to continue making them! The pulled off sticker left residue on the bottom...I am not sure how dumb I seem but I trusted this company and I was lied to! Oh, and the person I spoke to said he would check out his inventory to see what my candle could be replaced with but he was "in England", ahem, and would be back in a few days. Two weeks later... I am broken hearted 💔 that I was duped by a Christian-based company! Shame on you!!

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Sow.Reap.Harvest said...Nov 21, 2020

This is interesting.
Tracey has been a customer for a couple of years. She has consistently given us glowing reviews. We have many messages from her sharing how much she has loved the boxes. She was also featured in our marketing as she loved the boxes, the shirts, and kept sharing how much she enjoyed the boxes. She had even signed up for our other subscription.
We have never bought anything from Dollar Tree and for her to share that, is not truth. I would like her to share how any of those items were from Dollar Tree. We source all our items from Faire and Tundra. You will be able to find those items from there. You will clearly see these are from hard...

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