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Plans as low as $9.17 / month
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  • - Orders placed by 5pm PST on the 7th of the current month will get this month's pack and be shipped on the 11th. - Orders placed after 5pm PST on the 7th will get next month's pack and it will be shipped on the 11th of the following month.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
It's not just stickers, it's happiness overload
Are you a sticker lover? Are you a stationery addict? Love to receive happy mail? You're in the right place! We send the world's cutest stickers to your mailbox every month. We have different subscription options so you can choose your packs based on your preferences! They are perfect for decorating your journals, cards, planners and anything else!
  • Great gift idea for stationery lover, planner addicts and crafters!
  • Each pack includes: 6 sticker sheets, 1 bag of sticker flakes, and at least two stationery items
  • Comes in 3 styles: Cute, Retro, and Pop
  • Different themes each month!



Q: Hi how can I order more then one package?Asked by Irlandia G., June 2019

I subscribe to all three! Just sign up three times, choosing a different one each time. They'll ship them all together. Enjoy!!

by Michele C., September 2019


Q: How do I change what pack I get? The only option I see on Manage Subscriptions is to cancelAsked by Cesia L., September 2019

Click on “Subscription Account” at the top of the home page. Sign in and then you can edit your current subscriptions. You can change which pack you get or even skip a shipment if nothing appeals to you that month (which hasn’t happened to me yet—or ever! ;)

by Rachel K., September 2019

On the "my account" page there should be an edit button of the bottom of your subscription details (where price and renewal date are listed) That button will let you change the style you get. The edit button is new, it used to be a little more confusing, but I change mine all the time. Message them if you can't make it work. In my experience the customer service is pretty responsive,

by Krista J., September 2019

Just send an email by clicking on "contact seller." You can switch up this way or subscribe to all three!!

by Michele C., September 2019


Q: Can I change the type of stickers I get month to month? I'm having a hard time deciding between the three types.Asked by Benny N., June 2019

Stickii posts teasers of what is in each pack on their Instagram account every month. I've changed my subscription style many times based on these spoilers and have never had a problem. They are more than happy to let you change your style from month to month and you can also do a one time purchase if you just HAVE to have more than one style in a month; something I've also done. Just pick one time gift for any...

by Megan W., June 2019

Yes, I switch frequently based on the information from the can easily change on the manage subscription tab, under "my account"

by Krista J., June 2019

Yes you can and you will have a few days to choose after the spoilers are posted on Instagram.

by Kelly A., June 2019


Q: When will you be selling the binders?Asked by Amanda W., May 2019

Presale will start next week. You can follow the Instagram account @stickiiclub for more information.

by Rita J., May 2019

I don’t know

by Linda Y., May 2019

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