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Subscriber Reviews

5.0 of 5 stars
You won't get jerked around!!
by Rob written 2 months ago
For me, customer service is everything and when the owner goes out of their way to connect with a member (me), you have my business. Of course, having a good product or service is important and this has entire experience has been awesome. Been a member for a few months and find myself looking forward to the latest goodie box with mouth watering anticipation. A+
Favorite monthly surprise
by Justin written 2 months ago
Been a subscriber for awhile now. Have tried other Jerky subscriptions and this one has the best price and variety around. Also shows up same time every month. Highly recommend.
Greatest Subscription Box
by Sandra written 3 months ago
I have been receiving this subscription box for a while now. It is my family's favorite. We get the gladiator box. It is loaded with scrumptious jerky. Great customer service to boot. Go for will not be sorry!
Best box in my house, hands down.
by Kris written 3 months ago
Meat lovers, jerky lovers, this is the box for you. My entire family waits impatiently at the mailbox for our Stick in a Box, and then my house turns into Thunderdome (or it certainly seems that way). I haven't had the same jerky in my box twice, I haven't had a jerky that I can easily run to the store and grab, and I haven't had a jerky the whole family didn't enjoy. Out of all the boxes I've ever had, this one is my favorite because I know I will love what's in it.
Great random collection of jerky
by ChrisLane written 3 months ago
New stuff every month from all sorts of different jerky creators. Not every piece is a 5 star jerky, but they are much more often good than not. I really like getting stuff I've never heard of and it's consistantly delivered for a reasonable price.
A beefy surprise every month
by JamesOliver written 3 months ago
I purchased the month to month subscription and I haven't been let down yet. Many months in surprised just how much jerky they put in each box. You definitely get your money's worth on this. From the amount to different varietys and flavors each month you will be very happy with it.
Life changing
by StuartTracte written 3 months ago
As a lifelong fan of Jerky and one who lived in the big city of NY, jerky options were always slim and limited to the big brands. My only real memorable experiences with Jerky was on road trips and vacations to more rural areas where Jerky was not only more respected but made by locals. Then came Stick in a Box. Everything changed. For the price of a couple of (overpriced) bags of Jack Links, I'd get a box chock full of amazing artisanal Jerky every month. I loved. I love it. And I will always love it. If you love Jerky, ther really is no thought necessary. Do it and thank me, and Stick in a Box later.
It's Xmas for my Man-friend MONTHLY
by Michelle written 3 months ago
I signed up for a Father's Day gift for my man this last June. He LOVES a) getting mail, and b) the variety of the jerky! He's never disappointed, the Customer Service is awesome, and the product is high quality. Worth the try...for sure!