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The PERFECT treat for MOM! Filled with fun, love, and support for mom life!
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Too pricey

Jan 18, 2021
Cherie B.
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Canceled after first box. Priced too high for items sent.

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Not What Was Expected...

Dec 11, 2018
Bethany G.
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I originally purchased this as a gift for my sister. When I received it today and opened it, it was definitely not what I expected. I expected to receive something that would apply towards a hard working mom. Like all of your posted pictures display. Instead I received: small bag of kettle corn, a little compact of concealer, a small gold bracelet(doesn't look like it would fit an adult's wrist), a small wood sign that says "Merry Everything and Happy Always", and a powder to clay face mask. I am pretty disappointed with this purchase and am extremely grateful I had it sent to my house instead of straight to my sister. It's not gift worthy and has absolutely nothing to do with being a mother.

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Boxy Momma said...Dec 11, 2018

Hello Bethany!

I am sorry to hear you aren't happy with your order. I will send you a refund and you can keep your items as a courtesy. With the Momma Mailer, you only receive half of the items that our in our Momma Boxes, so you are also receiving half of the experience as well. I try to explain why I picked what I do to match each months theme in the included inserts, and really try to find items I feel all moms will enjoy, and find useful. I'm sorry that our items weren't it. The value of the mailer this month was actually $40 with the concealer being $24 in value itself. I understand it's not for everyone but I do my best...


Sep 08, 2018
Bobbie D.
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I was expecting to get a box, got a tiny bag of items for my car. I dont drive so didn't really do anything for me. I seen all the pictures for this subscription and was so excited to get my first box and it was not anything like the pictures that were shown. Very upset.

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Boxy Momma said...Sep 10, 2018

Hello Bobbie! I am so sorry to hear you are disappointed. I checked your account, and you ordered our Momma Mailer, not our Momma Box, that is why you received the bag, and not the box. If you ordered the Momma Mailer in error and wanted the box, we can get this switched for you, please shoot me an email at Thank you for your support, and I hope we can get this fixed for you!