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Learn about the lesser known women of the bible with books, tea, relaxation items, and more!
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A little disappointed

Jul 22, 2021
Joanne G.
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Received my July box today, I was a little disappointed. I'm a previous subscriber who just rejoined, and it seems to me that previous boxes were much better. What I received was 2 books, 2 mints, a tiny Kleenex pack and a plastic pen. The books look really good, but I hope the next box is better.

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The Delilah Box said...Jul 22, 2021

I'm sorry to hear that, we love it when subscribers return. It sounds like your box was incomplete. I'm posting a picture of the July Box in 'current box showcase" . It contained the brand new release (6/7/21) book " Between the Wild Branches by Connilyn Cossette, The Light Within me by Ainsley Earhardt, Our monthly brochure, Notepad & Pen , 2-3 Christian scripture Mints, A travel packet of Scripture kleenex for your purse, Bicycle postcard and my favorite...,The MAGNETIC cross bookmarks! If you feel you were missing something, please call or email and I will ship you the items. Hope next month amazes you!! :)

Delilah Box

Nov 19, 2020
Kristen D.
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This was my first box from Cratejoy and I was a little nervous about not being able to see what I was getting ahead of time, but I absolutely loved it. The surprise element is fun and I loved the choices. Can't wait to read the books!
Edit: This was previously a 5 star review because the first box was phenomenal. Seriously. After seeing what was in it, I bought two more as Christmas gifts. After that, it was hit or miss. Another month's box was really great and definitely worth the cost, unfortunately, most of the time, I was disappointed. Partially through no fault of the seller - sometimes I wasn't wild about the choice in books or some other aspect that they couldn't have known - but it was partially problems with items (damaged, leaking, etc.), or receiving things I asked not to get (and was told I wouldn't), or having to ask where my box was.
Overall, it could be really nice if those problems are addressed. I think it might help to have an option to personalize a bit more so you don't get items or books you'll never use. Unfortunately, I just don't feel like it's worth the price as is.

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The Delilah Box said...Dec 29, 2020

Thank you for the review and sharing. I admit I have got a bit behind about sharing the box contents! Sometimes it's after they are in flight that I post what your receiving. I guess it makes it more like a present every month, right ? :)

good box!

Apr 26, 2019
Angela M.
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I like the tote bag everything comes in and the books but the seeds not so much because I don't have a green thumb and I like having candy but would love some chocolate candy in there sometimes and also a nice photo I could frame. Also I love the little cards with scriptures that I can give to someone. Mine are already gone! Thanks again and God bless you!

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Hope next month better

Dec 15, 2018
Sabrina D.
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Subscribed for 9 days

I would have liked to seen my items in a nice container instead of wrapped in tissue paper and stuffed inside of an usps envelope. The pictures on website verses box don't seem to match. I give a 3 but will give it another month hoping it will be better. My understanding was the owner had a loss in the family. I love the aspect that Christian books. I would like to see more than 2 books and card and a stapled study.

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