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Feb 24, 2021
Sonali D.
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This is a monthly box so I assumed that the product would be DIFFERENT every month. Instead it was the exact same Indian treats each month. The packaging was just a cardboard box, no design or anything. Looked very cheap. The actual treats were ok, but not so great that I would send the same ones three months in a row! I am embarrassed I gave this as a gift. Waste of money.

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The Laddu House said...Feb 26, 2021

Thank you for trying our box. So sorry you are disappointed. We have 20 varieties in our store. 2 of them are Katli which are in diamond shape, cannot pack with laddu's. Sugar-free varieties have different rate. So remaining 16 varieties we mix and match every month. 20 is not a lot, but we make them in small batches, fresh without compromise. We focus on quality, freshness, preserving nutrients. We are artisan small business.
The cardboard box is called chlorine-free kraft box which is 100% biodegradable. Our store policy is to do best for you and environment. 100% of our packaging is biodegradable. Including box, label, wrappers, cups. Time to time we are short of logo printed box. In COVID there is box shortage.

Not pleased

Jan 01, 2021
Evelyn D.
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It's not for me.
There's a list showing what treats are in the box, but nothing indicating which it which
Flavors are not spectacular. One had a meat smell..?
Packaging presentation is lacking
Overall, I'm quite disappointed

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The Laddu House said...Jan 08, 2021

Thank you Evelyn for trying our product. Yes not every food product is for everyone. Want to clarify few things. We used to mark individual treats with a round label. From December we could not do. Because our subscriptions tripled. Adding individual labels it adds a lot of labor time. We have to raise prices to compensate. I m trying to see if there is better option without raising prices.
Our treats are made of fresh ghee, made fresh every week. Not sure what you smelled meat. Usually our treats are very aromatic from fresh ingredients and fresh ghee, they draw attention from few feet away
About our packaging many many people compliment us on box designs. You probably didn't like the cups inside. couple of...