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First time with laddu

Aug 06, 2021
Ruben M.
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When it arrived in my mailbox that stuff was super hot.. (hot due to temperatures outside... No regard for perishables I suppose... Thanks Usps. Outside of that no spoiled flavors or smells so I guess it's still good.
This is my first time trying laddu...I can't say I like it alot it's definitely different. To me it was like eating flavored wet sand. This is the best way I can describe it's texture when chewing it.
What I liked about the laddu was you could take a nibble or two and it would satisfy the snacking urge.
The box let's you know what's inside but I had no clue which laddu was which.
I would definitely recommend this if your looking to try something new. While it's not my choice of snack it could be yours.

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