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We ship 8-11+ low carb, keto friendly goodies every month to help you on your weight loss journey.

Plans as low as $34.00 / month

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Can not contact Customer Service

by Christine S., today

I am trying to cancel my subscription and I cannot get in touch with Customer service their website says to cancel go to their website and there should be an option on the left but there is it one

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by Shelby A., Feb 16, 2019

I received my February box and only got 6 out of the 11 items tried to contact them by email and got no reply rip off !!!

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The Keto Box said...
Feb 20, 2019
Hi Shelby, I just looked into your account and do see here that we responded to your inquiry back on February 15th at 12:46 PM. As we mentioned in our recent email exchange, all of our recipients in your country were actually scheduled to receive TWO boxes this month because we couldn't fit all the contents in one box! As we also mentioned, your second box was still in transit, but we do see here that it has arrived since the writing of this review. Hope you're enjoying all of your snacks!


by Samantha S., Nov 20, 2017

I wanted 1 box, was sent 2, and charged for 3. Only given refund for 1 box. I received 2 of the same box which would have been okay(I guess) if they had actually been good items. Cauliflower rice (that another reviewer said smelled and tasted like a barn so I'm not really wanting to subject myself to that, flax seed chips that were meh, and this really grainy protein peanut butter. Basically I wouldn't have bought any of them items on my own and now I have 2 of each.

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Not worth the 40$

by Robin D., Mar 07, 2017

I got six supposedly snacks for $40 I could've purchased them myself at the local grocery store

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