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Not worth the money.

by Dianne S., May 07, 2018

I've received 2 shipments. The amount of seeds is simply ridiculous. Buy your seeds at a gardening shop and you will save a lot of money!! I could not believe that for the spinach I got about 15 seeds. That's not enough spinach for one person for one meal! Shipping these items costs about a dollar and we are charged more than double that. Sorry, I'm calling it quits here.

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Urban Organic Gardener said...
Jun 08, 2018
Hi Dianne! We are so sorry sad to hear that you were not happy with our seeds. We actually cannot ship everything in a regular envelope. It would be impossible. With everything that's included in the package there is no way that it would cost $1 with all the soil pods, plant markers, seed packages, epsom salt, and everything else it gets quite expensive for us - hope you can understand that. We really wish we could have made you happy with our subscription but we understand that we cannot. We are going to issue a FULL REFUND for your order. If we can ever do anything for you please let us know. In the mean time, we are also going to send you an extra pack of Spinach seeds. Happy planting! - UOG

Nice idea, but...

by Stefanie G., Apr 08, 2016

The seeds have been mailed out when they are supposed to, so that's good. But in two months, I have received 3 types of melon seeds (2 of which are watermelon). And I just don't have that much space, nor do I love melon that much, at the exclusion of wanting to receive seeds for other things I'd like to grow. Also, the instructions they sent with the seeds were partially incorrect; they sent instructions for peppers instead of for one of the melons.

I've realized that I probably just need to be able to choose my own seeds suited to my growing space and what I actually want to grow and eat.

Now my problem is that I can't figure out how to easily modify or cancel the subscription, which gives me even less confidence in the whole seed subscription model. I've emailed UOG and they have not been responsive so far. I hope I don't have to go through the headache of contacting my card company to get the charges to stop.

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