Seasonal Front Door Decor Box

Seasonal Front Door Decor Box

by Welcoming
Perfectly curated seasonal boxes that frame the entrance to your home making it, Welcoming.

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Oct 03, 2022
Megan J.
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The pricing for this product is VERY misleading. I purchased a three month subscription for $95 and received one box. Three months does NOT mean three boxes. Way overpriced and set up to scam customers! My sister messaged the seller and he was very unpleasant and unhelpful to say the least. Just trying to help people be aware of what they’re actually paying for!

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Welcoming said...Oct 04, 2022

Mrs. James, my small business is grateful for your purchase and pleased to have an opportunity to address your concerns. The offerings my subscription box has is unique on this platform as it is quarterly and not monthly. 1 box will be delivered to your home for the season you purchase it in. You purchased 1 box. You had an option to purchase 2 (for the next season) or 4 (for the year). The descriptions mention "Seasonal" & "Quarterly" to help with any confusion. I reply to messages as quickly as I can, in the case with your sister our correspondence commenced throughout the day. My replies were polite and inquisitive on how any confusion could be cleared....

Not time

Jan 31, 2022
Deborah M.
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End of January and I received a box of Christmas decorations. Straight from the post office to the attic. Disappointed!

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Welcoming said...Feb 01, 2022

Mrs. Muncey, I completely understand your frustration. I got really excited when I saw your order and I packed your box and sent it out the very next day (your order: 12/21 at 7:30pm, your shipment: 12/22 4:05pm) . The postage that was purchased was 'priority'. If there was anything else that I could do to get it to you sooner, I would have. Again, I apologize for the shipping delays, to my understanding the postal employees are stretched thin around the holidays.

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