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Wild Spirit Highs & Lows

Jan 18, 2020
Erika F.
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Subscribed for 19 days

I was so excited about this subscription and maybe my expectations were a bit too high because I was ...underwhelmed when I received it.
Firstly, the box in general was small and light. Much smaller than I expected. I wish now I had saved it so I could attach photos....but I would say the box dimensions were roughly 5”x 5”.
When I opened the box all I could smell was peppermint. Overwhelming peppermint. If you like peppermint this would’ve been great for you but I do not care for peppermint at all. I don’t like the taste or the smell.
Inside the box I did receive a few really nice items though. I nice, soft, plaid infinity scarf; a pair of boho wood earrings, a tiny giraffe carved from soapstone (odd item but it’s super cute); and 2 peppermint items, including a bag of peppermint ginger chews and a tin of peppermint solid oil for headaches, nausea, etc. I think all the products work very nicely with each other, including the peppermint items. I totally see how they fit into curation, they’re just not for me.
One thing that really makes Wild Spirit stand out is their replacement opportunity. If you don’t like an item you can contact Wild Spirt via a members only link and request a replacement. I haven’t requested a replacement myself because I was able to give my unwanted items to someone who loves peppermint so I can’t comment on the replacement process itself but I think...

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Wild-Spirit-Box said...Jan 18, 2020

We are really sorry you felt we deserved a 3 star review 😔... Just know that we are willing to replace ANY-thing in the box you want/need replaced, and at our cost. We will pay the shipping. People usually join because they like something they see from our past boxes, but everyone has different taste of course, so that is why we are glad to offer this policy for our subscribers to help solve that issue! :-)

I really wish we could have helped you out Erika. I do sincerely apologize... Please let us know if there is anything we can do to earn 5 stars and make you happier.

Thank you very much for giving us a try and for being part of...

Little Disappointed

Jan 13, 2020
Terry A.
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Subscribed for 2 months

My box was a little disappointing.
I thought the stone and the hemps cream were good, all the other items were not so good.

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Wild-Spirit-Box said...Jan 13, 2020

We are really sorry you feel this way Terry. Some people honestly said it was their favorite box but everyone's taste varies so it's understandable... As a side note, the actual value of each item is always worth more than the price subscribers pay 😎. So in that case it is worth it for us to get the items back from you if you don't like them for any reason. We will put them in our full online store and price them at actual retail price. Then we send you items from past boxes that you like better! So its a win - win. :-)

Did you know about that full 100% replacement policy? We pay for you to ship anything you don't...

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