Engaging Tweens in Reading Through Teen Book Clubs and Subscription Boxes

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Teen book clubs and subscription boxes provide an engaging way to cultivate a love of reading in tweens by delivering curated selections and interactive experiences. As a book lover, I believe these subscriptions are a must-have. The Literary Book Club, for example, sends a collectible edition of a classic book each season along with thoughtful, beautiful gifts that you unwrap as you read.

The unique format of these subscriptions adds an element of excitement and anticipation. Little notes are placed inside the book telling you when to open each gift as you read. You might find sticky notes that say "open your gift" at key points in the story.

Importantly, teen book clubs and subscription boxes cater to a range of ages, including the critical tween years. Many offer boxes tailored to specific age ranges, such as the I Read Chapter Books: Book Club For Tweens which delivers age-appropriate selections for tweens. The Raising Readers Bi-Monthly Book Club For Kids is another great option for younger readers, while Beyond the Book Club caters to teens. The boxes for younger readers often include an interactive activity inside.

For parents looking to keep tweens engaged in reading, especially over the summer months, teen book clubs and boxes offer a convenient solution. You can purchase a single gift box, a 3-month subscription, or a full year to ensure your child has plenty of reading material to enjoy. Subscriptions like I Read Chapter Books, Beyond the Book Club, and Raising Readers make it easy to keep your tween supplied with exciting books to read all year long.

As a mom myself, I've invested in these boxes to make sure my kids aren't just stuck on devices all summer long. While some screen time is fine, it's easy to get caught up in tasks and suddenly realize hours have passed with them still in front of the TV. I want to avoid that.

Scheduling dedicated reading time is key, especially during the heat of the day. When it's too hot to be outside, I have my kids sit inside and read, enjoying the stories and activities from their book subscription boxes.

Many teen book clubs, both in-person and virtual, are available to further engage tweens in reading. Some subscription boxes even offer free monthly book clubs where you can discuss that month's selection with others.

Private Facebook groups are another great resource. I participate in one that was started by parents looking for fun summer activities that weren't too overwhelming to manage. A book and a craft the kids can do on their own is perfect.

I absolutely love the experience these book clubs and boxes provide. They literally bring books to life before your eyes, immersing you in the story through carefully curated items. As someone who loves books, I adore being able to put myself into the world of the book in such a tangible way. It makes the reading experience so much more engaging and fun. Check out the links below to learn more about some of my favorite tween book subscriptions!


14 & Up Young Adult Imagination Box and Mini Subscriptions

14 & Up Young Adult Imagination Box and Mini Subscriptions

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Make getting new books convenient with the Owl Post Books subscription box for young adults. This box is geared towards fantasy lovers and includes up to three new books. Every Owl Post box is curated by an educator with over 15 years of experience, so you can rest assured knowing they'll get great books that are middle school appropriate.

Shipping: We ship via USPS Media Mail which takes 3-7 days (12-16 days for Alaska, Hawaii and US territories). Welcome boxes are shipped within 5 business days of ordering. Shipping to Canada is $25.99/package (3+ weeks shipping). International Shipping is $34.99/package (5+ weeks shipping).

"This is a great gift! It is packed nicely and looks really good when it shows up. They liked it a lot and really like that it comes monthly. They said the books were really good and they liked reading them. Very very good" - Eileen C.

Great Escapes for Teens & Young Adults

Great Escapes for Teens & Young Adults

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Box of Books takes the hassle out of finding the perfect book by delivering personalized book recommendations for teens and young adults. Every box contains 2 brand new or gently used books as well as other fun book accessories and gifts. Since it's personalized, no two boxes will be alike!

Shipping: Initial box ships out within a few business days of initial subscription and renewals ship out at 4-week intervals from sign up. $6.99 per box shipping within the USA. First box ships in a subscription box; subsequent boxes may ship in a padded mailer.

"I chose this box for my niece she has now received 2 shipments. She loved them, the books are great, and the extras are age appropriate and very useful. She called to ask me if she can get this again and I said YES! I know that a lot of teens/tweens download books but, there is nothing like holding a physical book and reading it" - Meghan E.

The Comic Garage Box

The Comic Garage Box

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Shipping: FAST, FREE SHIPPING IN USA. Your box will ship out within 1-3 days and you'll get a new box approximately every 30 days thereafter until you cancel.