How to Find the Perfect Gift for Every Kid on Your List

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Filled with wide-eyed anticipation of what's to come, kids around the world will have a tough time falling asleep this Christmas Eve, and families are busy prepping for a day filled with squeals of delight. No matter how joyous the holiday season is for us all, the real spirit of Christmas is always on full display through childhood excitement!

But with so many options to choose from, and new restrictions to contend with, how can you go about finding the best gifts for the kids on your list? Whether you'll be filled with the frenetic energy of the morning celebrations, or you'll be sending your love from afar, monthly gift boxes are the perfect way to deliver some unexpected fun. In this guide, we'll explain why subscription boxes make some of the best gifts for kids, and help you narrow down your search so you're finding great gifts for kids of all ages.

The Perfect Gifts for Kids of All Ages This Year

Despite kids seemingly liking anything and everything out there, finding high-quality items that have staying power is no easy task. If you're anything like us, what you're looking for in a children's gift is quality, durability, entertainment, and at least a smidge of educational potential.

Monthly subscription boxes have got you covered! Designed by early childhood experts, teachers, parents and professionals, subscription services for kids are curated to bring fun right to the front door. From the littlest on your list to those trend-chasing tweens, finding the perfect gift for the kiddos in your life can be as easy as searching through some of our favorite boxes for kids , or checking out the best kids subscriptions of all time . Packing in books personalized to their age and interests, DIY craft kits, unicorns, empowering messages and more, shopping our collection of kids subscription boxes is a creative and colorful experience in its own right!

Kid-Friendly Gifts for Little Ones

When searching for the best Christmas gifts for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, it's important to meet them where they're at developmentally. Think tummy time, bedtime stories, and imaginative play. We're talking about simple pleasures, really –– so what makes monthly subscription services stand above the rest? They're curated by people with plenty of experience who want nothing but the best for your favorite littles, and they make it a point to keep engaging, age-appropriate goodies coming month after month.

Gift Ideas for Babies

You might be thinking that babies don't really want or need anything, but if you fall into that mindset, you're missing out on some amazing gift boxes for your favorite little ones . Sure, babies aren't ready for LEGO playsets and Play-Doh, but science has shown that stimulating and engaging little minds is vital for growth and development across the board. And, let's not overlook new parents! Lightening the load on the caretakers can pay dividends for the whole family.

To start the learning process from day one, check out our guide to the best baby book boxes on the Marketplace. Want to treat Mom, Dad, and baby to something fun and unique? Shop some of the sweetest boutique baby clothes subscriptions . Or try monthly boxes that deliver goodies for babies and new parents , each designed to grow with baby to match their ever-changing size and skills.

Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Even if they have a collective reputation for being a little zany, there's no need to go stuffing those stockings with coal. Toddlers are simply learning the way the world works, showing off their big emotions, and beginning to test the boundaries. With so much energy, this is the perfect age to invest in a monthly subscription that'll help keep things fresh and fun.

Take a look through our guides on the best toddler subscription boxes and fun gift ideas for littles aged 1-4 years old for everything from pretend play and top-quality stuffed animals, to busy bags and sensory exploration. Looking for something that will help you get hands-on with your toddler and spend some quality time together? Craft kits for toddlers keep making and creating a prep- and stress-free experience for all involved!

Presents for Preschoolers and Littles


Preschoolers and early learners are ready to start making connections in a big way! They're exploring their environment, working out their ABCs and 123s, and beginning to master simple board games. Since this is the age where children really soak up knowledge, now's the perfect time to shop our wide selection of educational subscription boxes for kids and kids book clubs that will get them excited to start their reading journey.

Whether you're looking for traditional early learning subscriptions that can boost literacy skills, or monthly Montessori boxes that bring purposeful play, there's nothing more exciting for little ones than getting a surprise in the mail that's packed with creative goodies just for them! Shopping for a little who's neurodiverse? Start with this guide that highlights sensory play subscriptions for kids on the autism spectrum.

Gifts for 7-10 Year Olds


School-aged or middle-grade kids are trying to gain independence and agency. They have more defined likes and dislikes, but they're usually still open to being shown something new and fun.

No matter where your budget is at, subscription boxes can make amazing gifts for kids in these middle years. Why's that? Whether you're budget-conscious or ready to splurge, when you send one of the best toy or activity subscription boxes , it means that not only will they get a gift from you every month throughout the year, but it'll show up addressed just to them. What a special feeling!

Whether you’re shopping for your kids, your grandkids, nieces or nephews, or a special kiddo in your life, subscription gift boxes are a great choice. Arts and crafts subscription boxes can help them get hands-on and spend special moments with you, siblings, or their BFFs. Send some monthly inspiration with gift boxes for girls , or sneak in some learning disguised as fun with our top educational gifts for kids . And, if you want Christmas to be about toys, toys, and more toys, check out our guide to toy boxes for nonstop fun .

Trendy Gift Ideas for Older Kids and Teens


Maybe the most difficult kids to shop for on your list are the tweens and teens. Keeping up with the most popular trends of the moment can be an impossible task! Ask them what they like one week, and you think you've got it all figured out –– until the very next week, when they tell you that they've moved on.

Gifting a monthly subscription box that's curated specifically for this age group is a great way to leave it up to the pros. Allowing them to indulge in their interests or offering up risk-free product exploration, monthly boxes make great gifts for tweens and teens .

Looking to inspire and empower the young women in your life? Check out some of the best confidence-boosting boxes for girls . This guide to Sweet Sixteen gifts can point you in the direction of gift ideas for teen girls, or find the perfect gift using our tween and teen gift guide that features a variety of topics and interests, from beauty boxes to STEM kits.


Books never really go out of style, but top titles can be hard to keep track of. Instead of picking up an unoriginal Amazon gift card, enroll them into a monthly tween book club that will serve up engaging, age-appropriate YA books that are geared to their interests, with extras or without!


In a steady stream of popular gadgets like gaming consoles, inventor kits, and electric scooters, finding the one that will have the biggest impact and get the most use can become a lengthy guessing game. Before investing in high sticker-price items, subscription boxes can give them a chance to explore themselves and dive deeper into figuring out what it is that they're passionate about. Exploring everything from ideas like growth mindset to coding and patterns found in nature, boxes like these can open their minds to new interests and give you more insight into which gadgets are really worth the investment.


When in doubt, choose games! There's no real downside to games. Even though tweens and teens can appear to get sucked into today's hottest video games, that's no reason to think that they can't get sucked into any game you put in front of them.

Subscription boxes really cover the gaming spectrum, so even if they already have their favorites, don't shy away from introducing them to a world of vintage board games, card games, tabletop RPGs, or even interactive mysteries that the whole family can get in on!

Fan Gear


The last decade has been one of the most dynamic eras for fandoms, and that has a lot to do with how tweens and teens choose to show their love for what they love. Sure, decades past have always had their niche fandoms –– Disney, Harry Potter, and Star Wars mania have stood the test of time –– but the younger generations incorporate memes, media, and more to take geekery to whole new levels.

Luckily, subscription boxes are here to support! If the young adult in your life wants to deck themselves out in geeky gear , don't fight it. It's just who they are. Choose a gift that encourages them to nerd out to the max and put their passions on full display.

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