How To Remove Candle Wax From Carpet

Updated by Taylor Tobin

Keeping a ready supply of fragrant, atmosphere-setting candles is an important self-care choice for many, but the soothing effects of candle burning can be stifled by an accidental spill of hot liquid wax onto carpet. Never fear! A simple six-step process can effectively remove candle wax from carpet fibers, and we’re here to tell you how it’s done.


Let the wax cool.

It may seem logical to try to clean ** candle **wax from the carpet as soon as the spill occurs, but because wet wax can easily spread, your first step should be to cool down the wax ASAP so that you can proceed with the removal process. An ice pack, a freezer bag full of ice cubes, or even a bag of frozen veggies all serve as useful tools here: place the cold item over the wax stain and leave it in place until the wax solidifies.

Grab a putty scraper or butter knife.

After the wax hardens on the carpet, you can start pulling it away from the fibers. The most helpful tool for this task is a putty scraper: its thin “blade” gives you plenty of precision as you lift the wax away from the floor. If you don’t have a scraper on hand, a butter knife can be an effective substitute.


A spare towel and an iron set to low heat will help you remove any errant bits of wax.

If you still find small fragments and streaks of wax on your carpet after scraping, an iron on low heat and a light-colored bath or dish towel will solve the problem. Lay the towel over the wax stain, then gently press the iron over the spot for a few seconds. It might feel counterintuitive to heat the wax back up after taking the trouble to cool it down, but because we’re just dealing with errant specks, the towel can absorb the warm wax and prevent it from spreading. Repeat until the remaining wax is gone. If you still have a couple of stubborn bits, go over the area with the putty scraper or butter knife again.

Vacuum the wax bits.

Now that the wax is lifted from the carpet itself, run a vacuum over the area to clear off any dried wax crumbs. Keep the vacuum nearby for later.

Tackle any remaining stains with hot water and dish soap.

Even after candle wax has been scraped off the carpet it can leave an oily residue behind, according to the team behind Fire Doll Candle Club . The key to combating these stains comes in the form of “really hot water” and clear dish soap. (The Fire Doll team recommends Dawn.) Dilute a few drops of dish soap with very hot water, soak a towel with the solution, and gently dab at the stain—do not rub or scrub, as that can make the residue sink deeper into the fibers—until it’s gone. If the stain really doesn’t want to budge, try adding a few drops of white vinegar or 3 percent hydrogen peroxide to the soap-water solution.


Do a second round of vacuuming.

Once the carpet dries after the dish soap and water wash, go over the area with the vacuum one more time to pick up any final wax bits, and the carpet will look as good as new.

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