Tips to Keep the Spark Alive with Seductive Pleasure

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There's a reason Seductive Pleasure is a bestseller. This sexy subscription box goes the distance to thoughtfully curate new and innovative products perfect for any couple looking to explore and maintain their intimate connection.

It's clear that the real-life couple behind the box, Effie and Thano, are experts at keeping the spark alive. So we sat down with Effie to get her advice on how to continue connecting in your relationship -- whether you're quarantined at home together or suddenly dating long-distance.


What inspired you to start Seductive Pleasure?

EFFIE: My husband and I were engaged when we started Seductive Pleasure. At that point, we were together for eight years and looking to spice things up. However, our only options were to go into a sex shop to purchase toys and accessories for outrageous prices or look online for adult themed options.

Thano and I both wanted to keep our private life, private. After exploring our options, we were not satisfied and thought that perhaps we are not alone in feeling this way.

One evening, we were talking about how many barriers there were between us exploring our sexual side and doing it discreetly. At the end of that discussion, the decision was made; we were to create the platform where anyone who wanted to dive into the world of adult-themed fun could do so with a click of a button! This is how the idea for Seductive Pleasure formed.

We didn’t want to intimidate any of our customers; rather, we wanted to introduce them to body-safe toys and accessories that spark the imagination. We also wanted to ensure that their private life remains private. That is why we made sure our packaging is discreet; even the charges on the statement don't read "Seductive Pleasure."

We wanted to share an avenue of self- and couple-exploration for our customers. There is nothing more natural and more intimate than exploring various methods of pleasure.

We are proud to say that as of April 1st, 2020, we have been doing so for two years! We want to express our sincerest thanks to our subscribers for choosing Seductive Pleasure.


What are some ways that couples can stay connected and keep the spark alive when they are sheltering in place?

CRATEJOY: The increased responsibilities of working from home, staying indoors and even homeschooling kids (if a couple has them) can lead to increased stress.

Life in regular speaking terms is beyond crazy and busy. Now, adding COVID-19 to the mix, it adds a whirlwind of stresses. But one thing that this crazy experience has shown Thano and I is to value every moment we have with each other.

Working from home, daily chores, and the uncertainty does generate a wedge for intimacy. But that is not an excuse to make your partner an option rather than a priority.

What better way to say “Hey, I want you” than with a box from Seductive Pleasure?

In search for the best-quality couples’ toys for our boxes, we have come across many discreet toys you can play with -- literally anytime and anywhere!

A few months back, we added a coupon book of "adult favors"; the feedback on those were overwhelming. Many couples sent positive feedback, telling us how they would not have even thought to try some of what the coupons suggested!

Tell your partner what you want and stimulate their mind with possible new ways of exploration… test your limitations. Try something new.

It takes no time at all to remind them that you are not only their partner, you are first and foremost their lover.


What are some ways couples can maintain date night and their connection if they’re sheltering in different places?

CRATEJOY: It seems many couples right now have to be “long-distance” by default.

This question really hits home for Thano and I. For the first year of our relationship, we were long-distance. We can empathize with every long-distant couple out there -- we know how hard it is.

The biggest advice is to let your partner know that you miss them, [that] the physical contact and that the desire for them has not depleted. Send surprises and drop off care packages -- the important thing to remember is that it is social distancing, NOT emotional distancing.

We have seen a few people purchase Seductive Pleasure boxes as a gift to send to their significant others with a note insinuating online naughtiness.

When you are video-chatting, focus on the tease… you have a new toy? Show them what they are missing.

Is there an erotic song you like to dance to? Try a striptease -- focus on the tease.

Plan dinner dates: make the same dinner, FaceTime each other and keep each other company like you had when there was no barrier between you. Maybe in the middle of dinner, you excuse yourself and go try on the sexy lingerie you got from Seductive Pleasure.

Plan movie nights: decide on a movie and watch it together (virtually)! Laugh, cry, scream (if it's scary)!

There are countless ways to keep the spark alive, and speaking from experience, the virtual world has made it easier to do so. Combining the virtual world and Seductive Pleasure, it becomes a breeze!

Try something new with Seductive Pleasure Box and more in our full collection for date nights at home .

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