How to be Dapper: Our Top 7 Men’s Fashion Tips

Updated by Timothy Paradis

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines dapper as neat and trim in appearance . To be a dapper man , you must be stylishly put together from head to toe. Although getting into fashion can be overwhelming, with a few tips, you can easily become a trendsetter.

Personal style doesn't have anything to do with your body type, face shape, or your age. To get the menswear that works best for you, start by tailoring any style advice to meet your unique tastes––that's "how to dress well" step one. Young men and old can turn heads with a man's wardrobe that works just for them.

So, whether you want to perfect your casual style or you prefer formalwear, this style guide is here to give you some fashionable pointers. Without further adieu, here are our top style tips for men!

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Looking for more men’s fashion tips?

In addition to these tips, try looking at a GQ magazine for reference to the latest trends. While those outfits can be a little pricey, at least you have a frame of reference for what is in style. Going out of your way to shop can be time-consuming and that’s why subscription boxes for men’s clothing are the perfect solution for style-conscious men.