Team Picks: Ways to Practice Random Acts of Kindness All Year Long

Updated by Heather Lefebvre

As you may have heard, Texas (among many other states) is currently experiencing extreme weather conditions this week, and much of the state does not have power or heating. If you would like to help, take a look at this list of local and national resources .

This week is Random Acts of Kindness Day, but we could all use –– and give –– a little more kindness in our lives, whatever the occasion. So our team put our heads together to share the ways we try to give back in our own communities, and ways you can too!

Take a look at these random acts of kindness ideas you can do every day below!

Clean Up the Neighborhood

“My family and I have been doing a neighborhood cleanup lately,” says Claudia. “We live near a pond, and never really noticed how much trash people were leaving behind after having a picnic.” When her neighbor decided to organize a cleanup around the neighborhood, Claudia and her family joined right away. “It’s been really fun!” she says. Taking care of the outdoors –– which, she acknowledges, they use often –– just feels right. “And we’ve had so much more wildlife this year,” she notes, “so it means a lot to be able to keep the area clean.”

Live in an urban area without much green space? Support the environment by reducing plastic use in your day-to-day life by switching to sustainable, eco-friendly essentials or vegan and cruelty-free products .

Volunteer––or Just Do Something Nice

Eliza helps out the community in big and small ways. When she can, she volunteers to walk dogs at the local shelter, Animal Animal Center. “Both myself and a deserving pup get some fresh air and exercise,” she says. “It’s a win/win!”

If you don’t have time to volunteer, though –– or perhaps have an allergy to dogs –– never fear! You don’t need to do something with an official organization to make a difference in someone’s day. “Every few weeks, I buy the coffee for the person behind me at my local coffeeshop,” Eliza tells us. It might feel like a small thing to you, but the unexpected nature of this kind gesture can make that person’s day. “I love delivering a fun surprise in the morning to a neighbor,” she explains. “And usually they pay it forward and spread the kindness!”

Tap Into Your Unique Skills

Daniel and Amber donate their talents to lift up others who need help from an expert.

A graphic designer and artist, Daniel collaborates with local organizations to design official documents, such as the school district’s annual report. “I’ve also volunteered for local events,” he notes, “and donated art supplies to kids in the community.”

Meanwhile, Amber––who does photography in addition to her work at Cratejoy––volunteers her services to struggling entrepreneurs. “Small businesses are so important to me as a consumer and as an employee at Cratejoy,” she says. If a small business doesn’t have the funds in their budget to hire a professional photographer, Amber’s happy to help. “They usually use these photos to spruce up their websites and social media,” she explains. “It's a great feeling to know I am helping someone who is chasing their dream!”

Unsure how to help? Donate your time to a local workshop, adult education center, or just donate entrepreneurial gifts to local newbies.

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