15 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for Kids

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Random Acts of Kindness Day falls on February 17th, but Cratejoy is happy to help you and your family celebrate throughout the month by providing acts of kindness ideas. While our award-winning subscription boxes help people spread joy to one another and spark great memories, we want to provide additional thoughts and suggestions that can help everyone experience moments of joy and share them with their friends, family, and community.

These days, it’s more important than ever to experience joy, love, and happiness, especially as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to impact our world. We hope the article we shared about random acts of kindness ideas inspired you to spread kindness in little ways.

And speaking of little, today’s list of kindness activities is all about how kids can perform small acts of kindness that can have a big impact. Whether you have young children, preschoolers, or older kids in your home, you can encourage them to perform good deeds that offer support and joy to the people around them.

Random Acts of Kindness for Kids: Small Tokens of Big Gratitude

Kiddos from toddlers to teenagers can learn how to be compassionate and empathetic––and it’s never too early to start learning these important skills. Explore a great list of several kindness activities that can help kids learn compassion . You can also read about subscription boxes that encourage kindness and empathy in our list of popular subscription box trends for kids ages seven and younger .

Small acts of kindness from kids can have a big impact. After all, good deeds make others happy, and giving back is shown to make you (the giver) happier, too . Plus, if children see that they can have a positive impact on the lives around them, they may feel motivated to keep practicing kindness and encourage their peers to do so, too.

The following DIYs and acts of kindness ideas for kids range in the time required, with some projects taking just a few minutes and others requiring a little more thought and care. They also meet a variety of price points, so you can help your children practice random acts of kindness at the right cost for you.

Random Acts of Kindness for Kids: Packaged With Care

Show your kiddos how to create care packages to randomly send to friends and family members. It’ll make the recipient’s day, and your children will enjoy the process of putting the packages together.

  • Create a care package for your mail carrier to say thanks. Put together a basket of hand sanitizer, wipes, bottled water, and a card expressing your gratitude, and leave it by your mailbox. (Plus, this lets the kiddos have fun breaking out the crayons!)
  • Compile care packages for family members you haven't been able to see in person lately. Include a framed photo or two, notecards signed by everyone in your household, and a few snacks that you know your relative loves. You can also order a gift subscription box for your loved one; team up with your kids to pick a monthly box that you all think your family member will love.
  • Send care packages to your kids’ teachers to show your appreciation and support. If they are teaching in the classroom, include some school supplies as a helpful gesture. A teacher subscription box also makes an incredibly thoughtful gift.
  • Build a care package for a local homeless shelter. You can include personal care items as well as seasonal goods, such as hats during the summer and blankets in the winter.
  • Help your child surprise their best friend and their family with a kids’ and family subscription box filled with fun family activities, games, and goodies that are carefully curated and conveniently delivered to their home.

Random Acts of Kindness for Kids: Thanks the Write Way

Make a note: Creating and writing thank-you cards is a sweet and simple kindness activity for kids of all ages. Let your children personalize their cards with drawings, colors, poems, or stickers as they express their appreciation and spread a little sunshine.

  • Create a colorful thank-you card for your grocery store workers. Your family can present it to a cashier, at the guest services counter, or to an employee helping you with curbside groceries.
  • Write thank-you cards for the mail carrier in your neighborhood. Your kids can add personalized notes about a fun piece of mail they received recently or a general message of encouragement.
  • Put together thank-you cards for your children’s friends. Store-bought cards or hand-drawn notes are both awesome options for these neat little acts of kindness.
  • Give greeting cards to your kid’s teachers that include hand-written messages thanking them for all they do and why your kids love learning with them.
  • Send siblings thank-you cards. This can be an especially engaging activity with your kids brainstorming on great memories and things they truly appreciate about their siblings.

Random Acts of Kindness for Kids: Family Fun

Why not turn random acts of kindness into a family activity––or even a friendly family competition? These acts of kindness ideas for kids can be done as a group or in small family teams. And instead of just practicing them on Random Acts of Kindness Day, you can partner up with your kids to build a month-long kindness calendar for your home.

  • Host a drive for donations to a homeless shelter or food bank, then package the generous donations up and deliver them.
  • Check with a local hospital, clinic, or nursing home and see if they need supplies, then create a care package with those much-needed items and notes of gratitude.
  • Make a Heart Box with Superpower Academy's DIY instructions. This fun craft project helps kids thank someone they appreciate in a creative, thoughtful way.
  • Inspire a little friendly competition among your kids with a kindness challenge. See who can write the most thank-you notes or generate the most donations from friends and family members for their supply drive.
  • Play bingo with your random acts of kindness for kids. Use Cratejoy's free printable template for your game. The more good deeds your child has done, the better their chances of winning are!

Random Acts of Kindness for Kids: Keep the Kindness Going

While Random Acts of Kindness Day is only one day long, we hope that these acts of kindness ideas inspire you and your children to keep the generosity going throughout the month and the year. We look forward to sharing more ideas for acts of kindness that can help you and your family spread joy and compassion to your friends, your family, and the world around you.

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