25 Self-Care Sunday Ideas To Relax and Recharge

Updated by Sydney Bollinger

If Friday and Saturday are for seeing friends, dining out, and day trips, then Sunday is a much-needed day for you—and only you. Take the day to yourself and seek out activities that will nourish and restore your mind and body from the week that has passed while preparing for the week ahead. Keeping up with self-care means putting yourself first—not to mention reducing stress, exhaustion, and burnout in the process.

Self-care shouldn’t be a last resort, either. Tending to your own needs—sometimes even with a full day of relaxation!—means that you’re promoting healthy habits. Take some time to think about what kinds of activities fill you up. For some, it’s queuing up a favorite TV show, while for others, time in the garden is the active rejuvenation they crave.

Whether you’re interested in Reiki healing , intention-setting, or prefer a more well-rounded self-care session , deciding how you want to approach your rejuvenation time can help get you centered for the week ahead.

Get outside : There’s actually plenty of truth behind the phrase “touch grass” or the time-honored advice of getting some fresh air. Being outside in nature can remind us how** beautiful slowness and stillness are in a busy life **.


Practice yoga : Although yoga can be intimidating, the practice connects your body and mind unlike any other physical activity. The Do A Shot of Yoga Box can round out your practice at home or at the studio.

Watch your favorite movie : Nothing quite beats a comfy couch, microwave popcorn, and Bridget Jones’ Diary for the umpteenth time.

Make tea : Drinking tea is so calming—and that has a lot to do with the ritual involved. The Enhanced Vintage Teatime Box will bring some beauty and class into your teatime routine.

Paint : You don’t need to be good at painting to enjoy painting. Bob Ross painting videos are always a fun way to take some time for yourself and nourish creativity.

Burn a candle : Few things are as centering as the perfect candle. Try Fire Doll Candle Club if you’re in need of something beautiful to burn.

Run a warm bath with bubbles or salts : Bath Bevy will give you everything you need to soak in that relaxation (literally).

Give yourself an at-home facial : Good skincare can make you feel so much better. Keep your skin extra happy with Root Journey Skincare .

Write a letter to the universe : With a blank sheet of paper and a pen, you can do anything. Spend a moment writing down your stresses and fears and then release them into the universe.


Sleep late : Sunday is the perfect day to sleep in. You might slumber a little longer with Laki Naturals Lavender Sleep Bundle .

Read a book : It’s been sitting on your night stand for months: now’s the time to get cozy and get literary.

Turn up the music and dance : Dance, dance, dance! Keep the volume loud and let yourself go.

Pull out your planner : Planning for self-care may seem counterintuitive, but trust me on this one. Taking Sunday to set up the week can make a huge difference in your level of calm Monday-Friday.

Schedule a massage (or bring the spa home) : Get those knots out with a lovely massage, and make time for a Swedish-style massage if you want something extra-relaxing.

Heal with crystals : Crystal healing means getting in tune with yourself and the magic of earth. If you’re not sure where to start, try this** beginner’s guide **.

Relax with some CBD : CBD is renowned for its ability to let us all enter a state of much-needed relaxation.

Try mindfulness : Just like yoga, mindfulness can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. The Mental Wellness Box might be just the thing you need to get started.


Plant something new : Bring the healing benefits of the outdoors inside by planting something new. I love pothos (it requires little effort and is stunning!) but** there are many options to choose from **.

Snuggle your pet : Furry friends are some of our best friends, so get in a good snuggle—for as long as they can tolerate it, anyway.

Get a mani/pedi : You can DIY your mani/pedi or make a trip to the salon. Either way, good cuticle care can be an instant boost for your mood.

Set an intention for the week : Intentions are not goals. Instead, they’re often words or phrases that guide our actions for a certain period of time. Try journaling or using Tarot cards to find your intention for the week.

Take some time to tidy : Tidying can be a chore, but it can also vastly improve your mental health. Messy rooms often make us feel stressed and cramped, so tidying can help you breathe new life into a space.

Explore the chakras : The chakras are a wonderful tool to aid in your self-care. If you’re getting started (or even if you’re not!) a chakra box offers ample resources for a self-guided journey through the chakras.

Use a sheet mask : Sheet masks, those symbols of self-care and spa nights, are never going out of style. With so many to choose from, getting a subscription box takes decision paralysis out of the equation.

Start a gratitude journal : We all have things to be grateful for, whether big or small. Spend some time sharing your gratitude through a journal, perhaps even beginning an everyday practice.

Treat yourself on self-care Sunday with a pampering monthly subscription like the Artisan Quilt Co. Quilting Box !