6 Simple Self-Care Tips And Activities for Teens

Updated by Shawnna Stiver

You think self-care is important for adults? It’s even more critical for teens, especially as they try to balance remote learning with big and small stresses.

If you think of it, the pattern for adults is that they turn to self-care almost as a last resort, when burnout is imminent, and a change is desperately needed. But if teens were to start building self-care habits early on, they may be able to navigate difficulties and challenges more effectively by staying strong and steady through the peaks and valleys.

Being able to maneuver through life’s challenges for some teens is a matter of life and death. According to the Pew Research Center, rates of depression among teens increased 59% from 2007 to 2017 {target="_blank"}. And this is far more common with teenage girls; one in five teenage girls (or 20%) experienced a recent episode of depression, compared to about one in fourteen boys (7%).

The reason for all the doom and gloom for teens? Some experts believe teens now are being raised with unrealistic expectations. Modern media -- and social media -- also tells teens they should always feel good and show the “perfect” aspects of their lives. As a result, parents neglect teaching their teens the kind of coping skills they need to survive during chaotic and pressure-filled times.

All of this points to self-care as a possible solution. In fact, there’s no time when it’s more essential than in adolescence. Here’s why self-care is important for teens and some ways they can incorporate self-care activities into their daily routines.

Teens may initially balk at the idea of self-care, but they typically will come around. As self-care begins to become a habit, it’s easier to see how it can change their mindset and mood. That in itself is the inspiration to continue on their own!