Behind the Box: Small Business Saturday Edition

Updated by Heather Lefebvre

Did you know that many Cratejoy subscription boxes are run as side businesses by regular folks with a passion and particular expertise? Yes, the side hustle is alive and well, including on the Cratejoy Marketplace!

In honor of Small Business Saturday this year, we’re taking an in-depth look at a new small business on the Marketplace, launched in the last two months. Learn how Fikabröd got its start -- and what motivates Becky, Fikabrod's founder, to run a side business like a subscription box in the first place.



When Becky Clutter’s best friend and beloved dog -- Preston, a basset hound -- passed away, she turned to baking to heal. Enter Fikabröd , her new baking-inspired subscription box. “In the kitchen,” her husband tells us, “Becky found some joy again, and she wanted to help others do the same.” Because for Becky, baking’s not about the food itself (though that’s certainly tasty) -- it’s about “an expression of creativity, a show of love, a moment to relax.”

As one of her creative outlets, Becky spends a lot of time experimenting with new flavors and techniques in the kitchen. “Personally, I love being ‘forced’ to bake in order to test out new ingredients, tools, and the like,” she says. So Fikabröd specializes in bringing gourmet and hard-to-find ingredients straight to you, as well as “fun baking-related goodies” like cute patterned socks, supplies and more. “With Fikabröd, we hope to encourage bakers of all skill levels to experiment in the kitchen by providing them with interesting ingredients and tools.”

Keep in mind, however, that Fikabröd is a new kind of baking box: it’s designed for people who already love baking and are eager to explore that creatively, not beginners looking for a predetermined recipe. Most subscription boxes for bakers “are baking kits designed for beginners or people who just want to bake super quickly,” Becky notes. In contrast, Fikabröd is for those who already have their go-to recipes, who are more interested in experimenting on their own to expand their existing repertoire. “Fikabröd includes a variety of ingredients, baking decor, and tools,” Becky says, as “the point is to get folks excited and experimenting in the kitchen with unique, high-quality items.”

To read more about Fikabröd’s unique curation of luxe baking-inspired goods -- and start your baking journey today -- take a look here .

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