What Subscription Box Should You Get For Your Zodiac Sign?

Updated by Timothy Paradis

If you frequently check your horoscope for what vibes may be heading your way, you understand that our personalities can be influenced by the movements and positions of the celestial bodies around us.

Whether you're heavily invested in astrology or you're curiously receptive to all things New Age, here at Cratejoy, we see no harm in letting the planets guide you throughout the year! So we've put together a list of monthly subscription services matched to each zodiac sign. No matter how the planets align in your birth chart, there's something for everyone!

Looking for the perfect gift for a special friend or family member? This guide outlines a great subscription box for each of the 12 star signs and can point you in the direction of a gift tailored to their unique traits and quirks. Let the stars lead you to just what you're after!

#The Best Subscription Boxes for Your Star Sign

Aries: My Athlete Box

Didn’t feel like your box was a match written in the stars?

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