DIY Game Night: New Games to Make with Jenga Blocks

Posted by Shannon Ratliff

Apart from a fun and tense game of physical strategy and maneuvering on its own, Jenga is perhaps the world's most hack-able game. Those little wooden blocks are blank canvases, ready for anyone to paint (sometimes literally) their next idea onto. Below are a few twists on the classic game. Try them out at your next party, family game night, or the next night you play Jenga!

What new games can you make with things written on Jenga blocks?

Action Jenga

This twist on the classic Jenga game is a little more interactive, and perfect for family game night. Write anything on the blocks from crab walking around the room, to singing the alphabet backwards, to thumb wrestling the player to your right. For additional fun, add asterisks to certain blocks to indicate every person in the group has to participate. Chances are, you won't get through the rest of the game without laughing.

Via Childhood 101.

Fitness Jenga

If you're looking for a game that gets everyone out of their seats, try writing an exercise on each Jenga block. Think: high knees, burpees, push-ups, jumping jacks, you name it. Feel free to repeat activities, too, in varying increments. Maybe you'll get lucky and pull the five push-up block, or maybe you'll get stuck with the 20 push-up block! This hack is fun for all ages, and can be modified depending on the players in the group.

Via Delia Creates.

Jenga Chores

Okay, okay turning a game into chores may not be everyone's idea of fun, but it sure makes doing chores more enjoyable, especially for kids who need a little extra push to get the Saturday morning cleaning done. Write some chores on a few Jenga blocks--no need to fill them all. You can offer choices by writing two chores on each side of a block, and letting pullers pick which one they'd rather do.

For example, 'pick up three things off the bedroom floor,' or 'empty the bathroom trash can'. You can even add in bonus blocks like, 'one week off of dish duty', or 'the next player has to take a chore off your hands'. The end of the game occurs when the tower falls, and hopefully by that point, you've knocked a few things off your cleaning checklist!

Via Travel Heals.

Icebreaker Jenga

Icebreaker Jenga is a great party game when there are people in the group not everybody knows. You can even use it in a work setting. Fill a Jenga set with get-to-know-you questions. 'Where were you born?' and 'do you prefer the beach or the mountains?' are trusty non-awkward questions anyone can answer, and good for any setting.

If this is a team building exercise for work 'what do you like most about your job?' 'what career advice would you give your younger self?' or 'how do you take your coffee?' are good ones. Get creative and specific when you can. 'What's your favorite board game?' 'who was your first celebrity crush?' and 'what was the last concert you went to?" are fun ones that help people open up.

Via Quiz Breaker.

Truth or Dare Jenga

You can actually buy a truth or dare Jenga game on Amazon, but writing your own truth or dare questions is more fun. Keep it PG for kids and teenagers with things like, 'play the next round with your eyes closed', 'smell someone's feet', or 'tell everyone your most embarrassing moment'.

For a more adult version, add Jenga pieces like, 'swap an item of clothing with the tallest person in the group', 'confess your last lie', or 'submit your phone for a joke text'. This version may just be the most memorable game of Jenga you ever play!

Via Awesome Jelly.

Drunk Jenga

This Jenga drinking game is definitely for adults over 21 only. The rules are about the same as in classic Jenga (but with alcohol), with the goal being not to let the block tower fall. However, when that inevitably happens, the person who caused it in Drunk Jenga has to chug their drink. Each block is also essentially a mini drinking game in and of itself.

Some ideas for blocks include the classic waterfall (the person who pulled the Jenga piece begins drinking, and then the next person drinks, and so on and so forth, until the person on their right stops). More ideas include text your ex (text your ex or do a shot), rhyme (rhyme with the word the last person said, and the person who messes up drinks), and French accent (the puller has to do a French accent the rest of the game, and drinks every time they mess up).

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