Unique Gifts to Surprise and Delight New Moms

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If you have a new mom in your life, you want to get her a great gift — a unique and fun surprise that a mama bear will love instead of just another diaper bag. After all, the best gifts for first-time moms are practical as well as pretty. You’ll want something that makes her feel supported and special while waiting for her little one to arrive or while enjoying time together with her new baby. Ideally, you’ll want to give the new mother something that supports her throughout her pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum stages.

Whether you’ll be giving your new-mom gift at a baby shower or delivering it directly to the new parents, you’ll want to make sure it’s the perfect gift and that it truly delights the recipient. That’s why maternity and pregnancy subscription boxes make fantastic and unique gifts for new moms. These boxes can help a soon-to-be mom pamper herself, even when she’s up in the middle of the night caring for her baby. Because a new gift box is conveniently delivered each month, they remind new moms to take care of themselves, especially during the hectic time of their child’s first year. Plus, they make fantastic Mother’s Day gifts, too.

No matter what the new mama in your life loves, you can easily find a subscription box that will give her some much-needed and much-appreciated surprises each month. Read on to discover great gift ideas for new moms that are filled with keepsakes, self-care supplies, onesies she and baby will love, and much more.

Unique Gifts for New Moms: Get Pampered With Maternity & Pregnancy Subscription Boxes

Wouldn’t you love to surprise your favorite new mommy with a thoughtfully curated gift that treats her to supplies she needs as well as surprises she’ll love? Better yet, what if you want to safely give support to her throughout her pregnancy and afterward?

The best subscription boxes for new moms (which also make great gifts) do exactly that. These thoughtful gifts are conveniently delivered, so the mom-to-be can enjoy her subscription box from the comfort of home — a bonus if she’s staying socially isolated during the COVID-19 pandemic. With a brand-new subscription box arriving every month, both Mommy and Baby can look forward to the goodies, snacks, and unique surprises that are on their way. Plus, your gift subscription box is sent automatically, so you don’t need to pack anything up or run to the post office.

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Because every new mom is a little different, Cratejoy features a wide variety of top-rated and award-winning maternity and pregnancy subscription boxes to meet different mamas’ needs and to fit into different gift givers’ budgets. Many of these gift boxes feature healthy and nutritious snacks to give Mom and Baby the nutrients they need. Others include convenient breastfeeding products and supplies. You can choose from unique subscription boxes with eco-friendly maternity products, beautiful keepsakes, natural or organic items, supplies to support wellness, skincare treats, tasty teas, and more. With so many women’s subscription boxes to choose from at Cratejoy, there’s sure to be at least one that the new mommy in your life will love.

Unique Gifts for New Moms: Shower Her with the Best Baby Shower Gifts

Baby showers are a wonderful way to celebrate a new mommy while giving her the items from her baby registry. However, if the items from your favorite new mama’s registry have already been ordered and you want to wow her with an amazing and unique baby shower gift, surprise her with a subscription box. Like those great baby shower gift baskets filled with breastfeeding supplies, diaper bags, and cute baby clothes, a new mom subscription box delivers baby and maternity supplies that are both fun and functional.

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Another reason that a maternity and pregnancy subscription box makes the perfect baby shower gift: Unlike some baby shower gifts, the new parents don’t have to pick the gift box up from a store, put it together themselves, or find room for it in their already-crowded nursery. New baby supplies can take up a lot of room and can feel a little overwhelming for some new parents, while subscription boxes arrive once a month and the expectant mom and dad don’t need to find a place for them immediately after the shower.

Want to make sure your baby shower gift is the perfect bundle for your friend or loved one’s bundle of joy? Check out our list of unique baby shower gift ideas for parents-to-be.

Unique Gifts for New Moms: Sweet Self-Care for Two

Self-care is always important, but it can be especially important during the pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum stages for a new mother. You care about the mother-to-be in your life and want to make sure she’s taking care of herself as well as her little one and practicing whatever form of self-care works best for her.

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A self-care subscription box is a thoughtful way to help a new mama make sure that she takes care of herself during this joyful but also stressful phase of life. These monthly boxes can help her relax, reflect, and rejuvenate, giving her the space to enjoy self-care tools she likes while also exploring new ones. Because the self-care box is delivered once a month, the new mama can use it to support her self-care practice regularly while looking forward with delight to the next month’s goodies. By giving her a subscription box, you can help her feel comforted and supported, even if you’re sending it from far away.

Unique Gifts for New Moms: Making Postpartum Easier

While the arrival of a little one can be filled with excitement and love, it can also bring unanticipated new challenges, such as postpartum depression. The postpartum stage of your friend or loved one’s pregnancy may be easier than she thought, but it could also be more difficult than she anticipated.

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Cratejoy is honored to offer gift subscription boxes that specifically support new mothers during the challenges of the postpartum stage. For example, the Cater to Mom subscription box was created by a military veteran mom who experienced postpartum depression herself. She launched the monthly box to provide tools, resources, and education to support other moms experiencing the same condition.

Unique Gifts for New Moms That Really Deliver

Finding gift ideas for your favorite first-time mom doesn’t have to be stressful. When you order a Cratejoy maternity and pregnancy subscription box, you can rest assured that your gift box will be carefully curated and filled with snacks, supplies, and surprises that the new mama in your life will love. Plus, ordering a gift box saves you a trip to the store, the hassle of putting together a one-of-a-kind gift basket, and the trouble of packing it up and mailing it or delivering it yourself to the new parents.

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Cratejoy provides the best subscription boxes for new moms at a variety of price points, making it simple to order unforgettable and unique gifts for moms-to-be. By ordering your new mama’s gift box, you’ve taken one thing off your to-do list while also ensuring that the parents-to-be receive great surprises and useful products once a month. They’re sure to appreciate the bundle of goodies for their bundle of joy.

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